New Zunes randomly resetting and Zapping people through the headphones

I was not going to post this here but I thought it could be pertanant to Xbox 360 owners because of how the Zune works with the 360

"So, is anyone else out there having issues with there Zune randomly turning off? Now I know what your thinking, charge your damn battery but that is not it. My battery has been fully charged and it will just turn itself off while listening to music or the radio. And when it does that sometimes it resets itself for me, I get the reset screen that has the Zune logo and the progress bar on the bottom. And sometimes I actually have to wait around 5 minutes or so in order to turn it back on. Now I do not know about you guys but this is extremely annoying. What compounds this is if I was listening to a podcast, I now have to go re-find my spot on the current episode. So this is where the time stamping would be nice or faster fast forwarding would be awesome, along with letting me hear where I was while I was fast forwarding. I have also had an issue that involved this same thing as stated above but my Zune decided to zap me in the ear."

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PS3n3605954d ago

Too funny. Take that ipod Zune has iTazer

dutchmole5954d ago

How is one report of this happening considered "News"

calderra5954d ago

..and people seem to forget iPod's launch.

Little bits like the irreplacable battery without support from apple, meaning if your battery croaked, you had to buy a completely new iPod because the company designed the battery to be irreplacable.

Case mod tutorials followed soon after, but still. It's not like crazy tech issues never happen to new products.

And correct me if I'm wrong, isn't fast-forwarding actually on the system? I ddi it on the demo unit, anyway.

MicroGamer5954d ago

trying to assimilate you into the collective. ;-D

BIadestarX5954d ago

I will get one of these as soon as they release another version.

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