Justify your Xbox One Kinect sensor with Dance Central Spotlight - only £1.85 for 24 hours

Dealspwn reports: "This is an outrageously cheap deal seeing as Dance Central Spotlight is a legitimately great dancing game that uses the Kinect 2.0 sensor brilliantly while delivering the same pulse-pounding full-body dance gameplay we expect from the series. The graphics are fantastic, accuracy is impressive and there's a decent number of tracks in the starting version with more available as DLC.

Which you should consume responsibly, of course. Though you're encouraged to spend extra for more tracks, £1.85 is still a stonkingly smart buy."

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bggriffiths1993d ago

£1.85? I've sold my shame for less before. *shame buys*

Blues Cowboy1993d ago

I value mine at around £25, which is what I bought Akiba's Trip for :P

Actually really liked it.

Foehammer1993d ago

I just mine several times a day when I give verbal commands.