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jackanderson19852900d ago

a FTP that doesn't seem like a P2W nice

Gazondaily2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

Yeah but it's still lame. I hate the F2P model. It deprives you of content otherwise available to you.

The only game that does it well that I know of is League of Legends.

[edit] ACtually, it doesn't sound too bad:

"There will be no paywalls, no limited game time, no horrible "energy bars" or "gems" or whatever that take time to recharge. There will be 4 heroes available to play at any one time, and they will rotate every 2 weeks. Then, if you want to keep playing a character, you can either wait for them to come back into rotation (with all your XP and equipment intact), or pay to unlock them permanently. You can pay either with earned in-game money or real money, and you can also pay for cosmetic items; everything gameplay-related can only be earned through play."

halfblackcanadian2900d ago

How is this still lame? And how is not paying for something depriving of content otheriwise avaialable? The point is that it ISN'T otherwise available, because you didn't pay anything for it. The entire idea is that if you are having fun with the product that nobody is forcing you to pay for then you can make the educated decision to pay any increment you want (to a degree) and add value to the overall package.

4Sh0w2900d ago

"Multiplayer-only Fable will always be a tough sell for some, but the game's fun, crucially, the fairytale Fable feel is definitely there, and the barrier to entry is low, so anyone can try it out (and then walk away with wallet intact if it doesn't appeal)." -Kotaku

-Well it looks great with that classic Fable fairytale style world. I signed up for the beta so I'm hoping to see what the gameplay is like.

bleedsoe9mm2900d ago

disagree for the first part , darn i can't change to agree for the second part....sorry

AngelicIceDiamond2899d ago

@Septic I agree its not SO bad.

But I still wish this was a full retail release however.

Its like they should of just made Fable 4. They should of just gave us a proper Fable instead of a simple F2P.

Who knows maybe I'll end up liking it but the idea of F2P rubbed me the wrong way.

NuggetsOfGod2899d ago

wow MS doing f2p right!! I would pay for a favorite character if the price is not $60 lol

Sure it won't be.

DragonKnight2899d ago

Do people really like the idea of paying money to play as their favourite character?

The question that needs to be answered is how easy is it to earn in-game currency, because if it's anything like, say, AC Unity then you're going to end up waiting 2 weeks to play as your favourite character, or paying money for the privilege of playing with that character again.

I may be in the vast minority in this opinion, and that's fine, but 99% of the time when I see "Free To Play" I also see "With Provisions" while imagining the execs of whatever company that released the game having giant dollar signs in their eyes.

dcbronco2899d ago

Overall it sounds like a good deal. If you don't want to wait then pay. As long as it isn't an insane amount it's a good deal. Even ten dollars for a game you paid nothing for is completely reasonable. We just had a bunch of people saying $60 wasn't high for five hours of gameplay. Then $10 seems more than reasonable for a game that should provide twenty hours of single player and countless more multi player.

TheFanboySlayer2899d ago

I think HearthStone does a good job with it's F2P model lol

Gamer19822899d ago

Fable R.I.P. MS destroying our favourite IPs one at a time :(. Love the Fable series and played the first 3 games to death. This is what happens when you leave your IP with a company who only really cares about money and not games.

Fireseed2899d ago


Yeah it's just you. If it takes time to earn it who cares? The fact that it's available a all to be earned for free is good. Besides, you always end up paying for your favorite character in any game. Just in this pay model you can choose to ONLY pay for your favorite character.

clouds52899d ago

Don't forget path of exile. It's a very good game and there is no pay 2 win involved.

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nicksetzer12900d ago

I gotta say, this is an AWESOME choice on MS/Lionhead's behalf. I would have been VERY hesitant to buy this game (as most would I am sure) but as a free to play you can play with ALL your friends, no purchase necessary. (console and PC)

christocolus2900d ago

Agreed. Its a really bold move. A very interesting one for sure,this deceision will greatly benefit the game in the price of entry has been greatly reduced everyone gets to try it. My friends who have been skeptical about it will definitly give it a try now. If they love it and get hooked then its a plus for lionhead/MS.

Kingdomcome2472899d ago

I don't understand how these things work exactly. I considered this game to be triple A caliber with the huge development team and first party affiliation. The visuals look awesome, and it's obvious quite a a bit of money has been poured into the game. Do they really make a profit by solely hoping people pay to keep the characters that they like permanently, and for cosmetic items? I don't understand the business model being used for what seemed to be a large scale game.

jon3sy92899d ago

@kingdomcome247 the pc gamers need an xbox live gold account to play this f2p game and it is only on windows 10

ABizzel12899d ago


Completely agree. Never would have bothered with this game at full or reduced price, but as a F2P I'm willing to give it a fair run, and if I like it then by all means I'm willing to buy some content simply to support the developer.

F2P isn't always bad, so long as the game is fun, has enough content to support it, isn't pay to win, and has a fair exchange with additional content.

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Palitera2900d ago

Doesn't mean it will be P2W, only that it won't be very good.

jackanderson19852900d ago

never said it was a P2W, said the opposite infact....and other FTP's have succeeded in being great with a similar set up so no reason why this one couldn't

Palitera2900d ago

I know, I agreed with you.

About it potentially being very good, we are at 2015. There's no chance for a F2P game to be a top quality product.

F2P today = garbage. Pure and simple.

Chanogram2900d ago

Warframe and others say hello.

Palitera2900d ago

Exactly. Actually, A LOT of average games, at best, say hello.

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UnwanteDreamz2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

I can remember certain people bashing PS4 for ftp games.

telekineticmantis2900d ago

That's what I was saying, usually when we are talking Planetside or H1Z1, we hear all this negativity, That's what I was expecting ,but this sounds like rejoice. Well at least everyone's on the same page now.

telekineticmantis2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

Remember, you can not deny the power of Microsoft.

2900d ago
HeartlessGamer2899d ago

@timotim Maybe becuase a lot of them are hypocrites and love to bash PlayStation? This has happened before on bothsides

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3-4-52899d ago

Solid news.

* Planetside 2 & War Thunder are both F2P games that actually do a good job of not being cheap.

It's still skill based and you don't need to buy anything.

I'm hoping this is the same.

XanderZane2899d ago

Yes, it doesn't sound to bad and I will gladly give it a try since it's F2P. I thought they were also going to have some kind of single play mode where the other characters would be AI bot controlled and you could still complete regular quests without having to be in multiplayer mode. I'm still interesting to see how this works and how much content will be in the game at launch. Apparently they are doing a Season 1, Season 2, etc... type model. If the game is very good, I won't have any problems paying real money for a character or two.

Bigpappy2899d ago

What I can say from watching the video, is that the game is beautiful and looks fun. This seems like a good spin off. Can't wait to give it a go.

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aviator1892900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

I just want to play the beta already.

and this-> "There will be no paywalls, no limited game time, no horrible "energy bars" or "gems" or whatever that take time to recharge...everything gameplay-related can only be earned through play"
Sounds pretty good to me.

StrayaKNT2900d ago

That's very good news, this game looks stunning can't wait to team up with three friends and casually slap villians.

Immorals2900d ago

This game went from intrigued into excited all in one sentence!

Roccetarius2900d ago

Well, that's certainly a shame. I'll have to pass on this then.

halfblackcanadian2900d ago

How could this possibly make the game worse for you? Like Killer Instict I'm sure there's an option to pay completely up front and have everything available to you, the only difference is theoretically you won't run out of online-match possibilities (like KI)

WellyUK2900d ago

F2P is enough to put anyone off... People don't want it... why? because it's a by word for shoddy games 90% of the time. And at the end of the day most F2P games say they aren't pay 2 win but they usually are.

Spenok2900d ago

I agree. Though this game wasn't looking all that good to me in the first place. It's a shame what has happened to this franchise as a whole.

Not to say the game is going to be bad, I'm sure more than a fair share of people will enjoy this game.