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Ready at Dawn’s first-ever console game is far from innovative and deliberate sequel-fodder.

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Trinityzn2516d ago

Well that sucks, I was really looking forward to the game

Nyxus2516d ago

You might like it, this game is pretty divisive. Some think it's bad but others love it. You should check out some reviews with different opinions to see which you think applies to you more.

The_Sage2516d ago

How could anyone disagree with what you have said? Some of the people on this site are hateful idiots. I wish they would lose internet access forever. The world would be a better place.

Trinityzn2516d ago

I most definitely will check out other reviews and do my own research, it is just that Thrax usually has the same tastes as me, which is why I was disappointed that it got such a low score.

Gazondaily2516d ago

Don't just base your purchase on one review. I didn't like the game at all but some of my friends really liked it.

I highly recommend renting it either way.

2516d ago
leogets2516d ago

Im sure your being sarcastic right? Haha

easternbalboa2516d ago

Am only 2 hours into the game and so far I must give it a 8.8.I think this game rocks. Glad I bought it.

VforVideogames2516d ago

Games like this now days are called Triple AAA titles with low scores , back in the sega-nintendo days game like this use to be called MEDIOCRE.

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DeMoNiK_ZA2516d ago

I feel like The Order: 1886 was just the tech demo for how pretty a game can look on the PS4 (kind of like Ryse on Xbox One), and although pretty fun, doesn't really add that much to the genre.

Jalva2516d ago

There's a lot of tech demo flash over substance exclusives on PS4 at the minute, Killzone, Knack, Infamous, Driveclub, and now The Order, fortunately I think that's the last of them, all of Sony's future exclusives look amazing, Bloodborne looks to be the first great exclusive for PS4.

EazyC2516d ago

That is so true. What ever happened to substance?

DeMoNiK_ZA2516d ago

I feel like Bloodborne is just going to skyrocket the PS4 into greatness. From Software's fanbase is absolutely massive, and Bloodborne looks like it is going to be a truly great experience!

Alexious2516d ago

Heavily disagree with the score. It's far from perfect but it deserves way more than 55/100.

W0nderer2516d ago

What makes it better than a 55?

thekhurg2516d ago

It would require posting spoilers - but the fact that the review glances over several parts of the game and calls it predictable when there are story lines introduced that you couldn't possibly see coming.

Cynical people get confused when they pick the bad guy out early, and think the entire thing is a shallow mess. Those types of people don't typically pay attention to the smaller details that make those particular characters unique, or pay attention to story sequences that they didn't see coming.

kenshiro1002516d ago

These bad reviews are just dog piling now.

BOBN4G2516d ago

People are too quick to put visuals above game play. It looks amazing so it must automatically rank high? Wrong.

Engines are so accessible these days (Unreal Engine is virtually free) anyone can make a great looking game and market a couple of snazzy screenshots. We should be encouraging developers to make more games that stand the test of time, not rewarding the lazy.

DanteVFenris6662516d ago

ummm the engine doesnt come with the art assets.... yes there are a few limited models and ussually a lot of particle effects, but. It is not easy to make something like the order. Every model is made from human hands. Stop speaking from your ass. A game engine does not make a game, not even close

TrollityTroll2516d ago

Telkom does gaming reviews now? What the???

W0nderer2516d ago

Telkom Gaming has been running since 2008 and has the largest online league in South Africa ( http://www.dogamingleaggue.... and reports on the league and games and tech at

TrollityTroll2516d ago

Really? Well you live and learn.
When I left SA over a decade ago Telkom was the fixed line provider and pretty much had the "broadband" (I use inverted comma's as the service wasn't much better than dial-up) monopoly.
In fact, when I left, they were trying to get a court case going to ban the recently introduced mobile internet dongle for some absurd reason (some trumped up thing which basically translated into "they can provide a faster service than us, wirelessly, that's undermining our business and we want the internet monopoly back")

Didn't know they'de branched out! Or are they independent from the phone/Internet Telkom and the name is just coincidence?

W0nderer2516d ago

No its the same Telkom.

qwerty6762516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

55/100 is still better then average

this is why I hate the out of 10 or 100 scores

people think anything less then a 7 means its a bad game.

caseh2516d ago

"people think anything less then a 7 means its a bad game."

That's because generally, it does. Once upon a time, you would only see reviews in magazines and scores as a whole were accurate. Then the internet came about, every man and his dog starts writing reviews and the scores are so erratic I just stopped paying attention.

These days, anyone with half a brain looks past a review score and does their own research. Sadly, there are those without half a brain and they will take this type of review as gospel.

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