Dragon Ball Xenoverse Guide: Parallel Quests Guide

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse you will level up, get skills and find new equipment for your charter. Doing the Parallel quests is one of the best ways to get some great new stuff.

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Eromu2891d ago

Explosion of Namek:
Clear in under 3 minutes
Defeat Time Patroller in training

Super Siayan Legend:
Befriend Vegeta and clear with him alive
Defeat Super Saiyan Vegeta

slate912891d ago

Best dbz Ive ever played!!!

q8kik2891d ago

Budokai is still the best imo
You just cant beat the feel of playing a fighting game with decent mechanics and a side camera for the best 1v1 experience :)

Xenoverse is very good though.

slate912891d ago

Budokai was super nice. Used to be my favorite before this. Just the fighting and the sheer amount of content packed into this game pushes it to number one for me.

OmegaShen2891d ago

I hope the next one they drop the bs were adding more things to fight, it feels like BOZ when they do that. Plus I hate the move menu that pops up, just use Budokai Tenkaichi 3's setup for supers and all.

P.S. Ki charge shouldn't be a skill you have to get.