Make Room for Three Amazing Games in March – and Double Games with Gold in April

Clean your couch off and get ready for three awesome titles, completely free to Xbox Live Gold members, thanks to Games with Gold. Rayman Legends is the free game this month on Xbox One, and it is – believe us – one of the best platformers ever made. Xbox 360 owners get Tomb Raider, a fantastic, pulse-pounding reboot of the iconic series. And they also get BioShock Infinite, the multi-multi-award-winning shooter set in a city among the clouds. As usual, all games are available only for a limited time*, as part of the ongoing Games with Gold program.

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Eidolon3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

Well already played the 360 free games on PS3(PS+), but I wouldn't mind playing again for achievements. I still like collecting the Xbox One games for when I do get one.

Automatic793399d ago


Glad to hear you enjoyed those games on PS3, but now its our turn on Xbox 360 and Rayman legends on Xbox One sounds like loads of fun. Love how the program is evolving.keep up the good work MS. Bring on the games.

Note:If you count Dungeons and Dragons, Never winter thenXbox One is getting two games in March.

mikeslemonade3399d ago

Lame month again but I will play Rayman Legends.

Gotcha53398d ago

There's plenty of free games for X1 to be had in the month of march Rayman for starters then EA Access user get 10 hrs of Battlefield Hardlines, Neverwinter, Dungeons and Dragons and Forza: Fast and the Furious.So don't fret MS got you covered for next month.

darthv723398d ago

Damn Mike...why you got to be so sour? Maybe its that lemonade doesnt have enough sugar.

on topic, I initially dl Infinite from PS+ but never played it. I prefered to play the bioshock games on 360 and was just looking at picking up Infinite. Now I can just dl and play it on 360.

And tomb raider...havent played a TR game since the Saturn. Yes it's been THAT long.

Kingthrash3603398d ago

Is ea access a free service?
I thought it was a paid service. Xbl free games are considered free because xbl is mandatory to play online and other apps. But eaa is a app that you pay a sub for...on top of xbl.
So why are people calling it free games? Its like saying netflix has free movies.

F0XHOUND3398d ago


How is BioShock lame? Or tomb raider... or even rayman? Even though PS plus has had these already, its still fantastic for 360 gamers!!

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antz11043399d ago

Rayman isn't really my cup of tea, was hoping they'd give XOne owners Tomb Raider as well. That's a game I wouldn't mind playing again!

XanderZane3399d ago

All are great games that are worth owning. If there are still gamers out there who haven't tried any of these games, now would be the perfect time to get them. I just wished M$ would have given us Tomb Raider Definitive Edition for the XB1 as well. I would have definitely downloaded that game. I'll grab Rayman Legends though even though I own it on the PS3 as well.

Brotard3399d ago

Well Definitive edition would be more expensive then the original release so obvis M$ did the original release instead

XanderZane3398d ago (Edited 3398d ago )

Yes, but the original game isn't on the XB1. That's my point. I'm sure they will probably do it eventually, but I just thought it would go hand & hand with the XBox 360 version. I agree with Medman, that we might see it just before Rise of the Tomb Raider gets released on the XB1 this fall. It would be good hype for the sequel.

Anyone have any ideas what games will be coming in April? I bit excited about what they will give us after this great month of March. You would think Forza 5 or Titanfall (since TF is $6 on sale) and maybe Killer Instinct (1st Season).

medman3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

Microsoft would be wise to put Tomb Raider definitive edition on games with gold a month or two before Rise of the Tomb Raider releases....that's a win win.

Chrisgamerguy3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

That's probably what they are going to do lol. I think you called it. That way every person on xbox one can play the first and so many more potential buyers for rise! Also i hope they have multiplayer is rise too. It was decent in the first game

The-Marb3398d ago

Nice idea med...the first was a joy so am really looking forward to the second.

Spenok3398d ago

Agreed. All awesome games worth playing. If you haven't yet, jump on these offers.

DanielEndurance3399d ago

Hopefully the two free X1 games in April continue on month after month... not just April...

rxl2093399d ago

if you wanna see aprils games with gold look at last years ps plus games, that how they choose them

Pogmathoin3399d ago

That was figured out, but nobody is close to finding out what is right with you, forget about what is wrong...

Svinya3399d ago

The X1 always has 2 games a month. One just carries over from last month.

RosweeSon3398d ago

Like Sony Have done all year, lame when a company has to just react to everything being done around them rather than just go it on their own and do their own thing but hey great for the people who over paid on day one systems that have now been heavily reduced in price (over £100 in less than a year)

BlackTar1873398d ago

What has Sony done all year?

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Direwolf4843399d ago

Wow. Great month for Xbox One/360 owners. I don't care for Rayman and I already have Tomb Raider for Xbox One, but I've never played Bioshock Infinite so I'll give that a go.

Sono4213399d ago

woahh you need to play that game as soon as you can... it's brilliant!

The-Marb3398d ago

Sono is correct. Bio-shock Infinite is the best in the series (IMO) and a game which shows what can be done with the FPS format.

BlackTar1873398d ago

No Way is Bioshock infinite the best int he series.