Why Battlefield: Hardline will be unlike most shooters

MWEB GameZone writes: "It's easy to make the claim that your game will be different than other games in the same genre. Every new video game release, especially AAA games, come with an overdose of hype. Each claim is trying to sound grander than the previous.

Visceral Games don't want to reinvent the wheel, but they do want to change a feature that not many shooters excel in. Dialogue."

HanCilliers3438d ago

Nice turn for the Battlefield franchise to improve dialogue. Will wait for the final release to say if the were successful in doing something other shooters fails at

badz1493437d ago

Different? How? Like seriously, HOW? From the beta, it's feels more or less like an expansion pack for BF4!

DivoJones3437d ago

It could be unlike other Battlefield titles by simply working on day 1. Even in their solid titles like Battlefield 3 they had launch day issues. EA chronically underestimates server traffic for their launches, hopefully they do something about it this time around.

SolidStoner3437d ago

BF hardline beta didnt work instantly.. so its a sign of things to come :D

anyway... I can assure you that problems in first month with online game in that scale is nothing special.. it will not change the quality of the game! Battlefield 4 looks and works fantastic now...

HanCilliers3437d ago

ROFL, the gods help them if the launch is bad

lord zaid3438d ago

Dialogue...? That's going to be what seperates Hardline from other shooters? Well Ok, I guess

HanCilliers3438d ago

So when did you last play a shooter in the Battlefield category with good dialogue? If you've played previous Battlefield games you would know that it's something very different for the series

schmoe3438d ago

not true. Bad company was pretty damn cool in that regard

lord zaid3437d ago

The Bad Company games excelled at delivering a brilliant characters and snappy dialogue.

I'm just saying that while its nice that they making an effort in this direction, claiming that as your big differentiator maked me think you are focusing on the wrong things

jmc88883437d ago

I'll tell you what, the random things that are said in the multiplayer, especially by the criminals was pretty dang funny.

HoldenZA3438d ago

Battlefield's campaign has been dull in the past and I have a feeling that this one will be too. I'm not sold.

Kyosuke_Sanada3437d ago

I'd be surprised if the script is better than Black (which still needs a sequel damn it!), I'd be really surprised if matches the first two Medal Of Honor games for Playstation One.

marcindpol3437d ago

Who gives a damn about 5 hours long, boring single player campaign in Battlefield game?.
Battlefield is all about the online multiplayer..

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Five Cancelled Video Games That Deserved a Chance

Gotta wonder why Starcraft: Ghost literally became a ghost.

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shinoff2183506d ago

Wish they did more then 5. There's a ton more out there.

TheSenorCheese506d ago

It's obviously something that can be revisited. But, yup, agree.

darthv72506d ago

Im surprised 1313 has not been revisited after the success of Fallen Order.

shinoff2183506d ago

Hope I will cause it sounded amazing.

Knightofelemia506d ago

I was always curious about Scalebound until it was scrapped.

TheSenorCheese506d ago

One of the titles we missed covering. But our guess? Uneasiness between Platinum and Microsoft.

Godmars290506d ago

You mean MS wanting a MP component for an obvious SP game.

porkChop506d ago (Edited 506d ago )

Platinum said they actually deserve a lot of the blame. Realistically both parties made mistakes. Platinum bit off more than they could chew at the time, and MS didn't quite understand how to just sit back and let the devs work their magic.

Hopefully the two can come together and try again because the game sounded really good.

jznrpg506d ago (Edited 506d ago )

If it was a single player game I think it would have had a better chance of coming out . Ms wanted it to be online co-op . Dragon games aren’t easy to make and making it co-op is even harder and to me that was the major factor of why it failed

gangsta_red505d ago (Edited 505d ago )

Not sure where people are getting their info that MS 'wanted' it to be co-op. From it's first teaser it was shown to have some type of co-op feature. It was probably pitched to MS as a multiplayer co-op game and Kamiya has gone on record saying he bit off a bit more than he could chew. You can definitely see elements on what they wanted to do with Scalebound in Bayonetta 3.


Godmars290505d ago

Largely because the game existed before MS wanted it. Another is that more if not all Xbox titles have been online coop. Lastly, in in-game continuity, it made no sense to have customized versions of the same character popping up for boss fights. At least, as a hyped feature of the game, I've never heard explanation for it.

Regardless of what a dev, who wants to do business with MS so likely isn't going to badmouth them, says. Of course they're going to share blame in what a client wanted, even if that one thing was the exact thing making the project "more than he could chew".

gangsta_red505d ago (Edited 505d ago )


"Largely because the game existed before MS wanted it."

Where are you getting this info from, because the story I've read is that Kamiya had the idea for a while and always wanted to make it but ultimately went with Bayonetta. He then pitched the idea to MS and then started to develop it. There may have been ideas for features from in other games that may have found there way to Scalbound, but Scalebound was not created beforehand.

"Another is that more if not all Xbox titles have been online coop."

That may be true for most MS games but that still doesn't mean it was mandated by MS for Platinum to do. And even if it was, Platinum agreed to do it, there wasn't a surprise by MS that they needed to add multiplayer halfway through development. That is not how third party development works, both parties agree through signed contracts beforehand what's expected with milestone deliverables.

"..it made no sense to have customized versions of the same character popping up for boss fights."

Not sure what you're not understanding, but there were customized versions of different players coming to help for boss fight. Maybe there was a mechanic to have characters equip different gear, the same type of features that is pretty standard found in multiple games of its type.

"Of course they're going to share blame in what a client wanted, even if that one thing was the exact thing making the project "more than he could chew"."

Kamiyah has never held back his opinions, he's been extremely outspoken in the past. Enough years has gone by for him to have told even a fraction of what you think might have happened and still not him or anyone from Platinum, from recent employees to any ex employee has said anything of what you are claiming.