Single handed Xbox 360 controller

Benjamin Heckendorn, over at, has modded his Xbox 360 controller in a very interesting way. Why use both hands to control your 360 when you can do it with one? Benjamin made himself a single hand controller with some creative thinking and a spare wireless controller.

The controller features all buttons and rumble. The Right Stick is placed on the back of the device. You can use it while setting the controller on your knee and moving the controller against your leg.

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PS360WII4338d ago

now that's impressive. Talk about a learning curve though. That's got to be hard trying it out for the first few days even

Sphinx4338d ago

He lost the use of his right arm while in the Army.

Dick Jones4337d ago

Have it to buy on their site so people who only have use of one hand can play too.

darktangent4338d ago

Now thats what I call innovation.

Krimson4338d ago

This would be perfect for DOAX2!!

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4335d ago

you stole my comment, (shakes fist).

MicroGamer4338d ago

but this I don't. The balance of that thing has got to be horrible with the full weight of the battery pack on one side. I agree that it gives gamers with special needs an option that they didn't have before, but that market probably isn't big enough to put this into large scale production.

Adversary4337d ago

You'd rest the heavy cumbersome side on your knee, because you'd be sitting. The layout seems cumbersome, sure, but better than trying to use the standard controller with 1 hand. I think this design could benefit from a scroll wheel, but MS has banned the use of scroll wheels and other mouse-like peripherals. Good idea with goos intentions I say.

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