PS4 Gets New Far Cry 4 Dynamic Theme; Screenshots Inside

The North American PlayStation Store has just updated, and a new dynamic theme is now available for the PS4, dedicated to Far Cry 4.

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Spenok1422d ago

They need to add a lot of themes to be honest.

AliTheSnake11422d ago

I like it. But $2.99 ?

saukelover121422d ago

i would also love to have a GTA 5 theme,like i had on my ps3

johny51422d ago

Yes to both! But many quality themes with the various characters.

L0wlifeGamer1422d ago

"...costs $2.99 and has no music." No music and 2.99... Wow!

Outsider-G1422d ago

I hope one day we'll be able to create our own themes and upload them to a site dedicated to that for others to download.

dwightschrute1422d ago

I've been using the free static far cry 4 theme for awhile now. best theme imo

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