A look at the new The Last of Us Weapons Logo Backpack

Images of the newly-released The Last of Us Weapons Logo Backpack.

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PeaSFor1421d ago (Edited 1421d ago )

holyshit, look like im buy this!

The_Devil_Hunter1421d ago

I thought the same, I a huge The Last of Us fan and this looks really nice.

thrust1421d ago

Would you really walk around in public with somthin like this? A game logo on a bag?

mrdxpr21421d ago

@thrust I sure would wear it. I saw a grown man in a public bus with yugioh backpack I'm sure I can rock a the last of us backpack

Yaay4me1421d ago (Edited 1421d ago )

I would so take this to school. I bet i could find gamer friends with a backpack like that, maybe even a gamer girl friend (the best type of gf there is yo) (;

Ryan7411421d ago

That's cool, I'd buy that.

Summons751421d ago

50 bucks for a backpack that doesn't look any different from the $10 backpacks you can buy in the store with "The Last of US" poorly painted onto it? NO thanks, neat idea but asking price is way to high.

Thatguy-3101421d ago

Oh please provide me a link to said stores with 10$ backpacks with the last of us logo. I'm digging the look just wish it was more gritty looking. A darker more worn out brown would of been better

Summons751421d ago

The backpack looks generic, the logo looks poorly done. Walk into walmart or target, they have a whole row of backpacks dirt cheap. This isn't worth 50 bucks.

theloudprotagonist1421d ago

Want. It may be irrational, but still - want.