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Rich Drummond of Gaming Tech United:

"If you follow us here at Gaming Tech United, you'll know that Dragon Ball Xenoverse has been my most anticipated game in recent memory. The previews, the art style, the fast paced fighting, all had me amped up to play the latest installment in the Dragon Ball video game universe. With all this pressure heaped on the game, does it live up to my outlandish expectations, or will it crash and burn like many other titles in 2015? Let's jump into this review and take a look!"

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DEEBO2898d ago

Damn DB is killing it!
The user reviews are the best, can you same game of the month.

NinjaRichParty2898d ago

I am LOVING my time with the game. I was hoping it would be good, but I wasn't expecting this. Xenoverse is a hell of a game.

DEEBO2898d ago

I ask my son what would a DB vs street fighter game be like or DB vs MK but in Z world.

TXIDarkAvenger2898d ago

Wow a lot of good reviews.

Haven't really touched a DBZ game since Budokai 3. I might get this.

LAWSON722898d ago

Hope more reviews pop up today, because I was on the fence last night

NinjaRichParty2898d ago

If you're on the fence, give it a go. There's a lot of content and it really brings that authentic DBZ fighting feel. It's a really solid game.

GamingChip792898d ago

Yes! Finally the DBZ fans get a solid game. You guys deserve it, glad BNG could bring to ya'll.

I'm not the biggest DBZ fan, but I'll give this a go since the scores have been generally pretty good.

NinjaRichParty2898d ago

I totally agree! We've been waiting years for a Dragon Ball game like this. Or at least I have!

This is a title that if you handed it to the 10 year old me, I'd probably just keel over in excitement. Haha.

keki2898d ago

this game is off the chart! love it

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