Kirby’s Deluxe eShop Releases: Are They Worth Your Money?

OXCGN: I’ve had the opportunity, over the last few days, to play through two Nintendo 3DS eShop titles that came out recently: Kirby Fighters Deluxe, and Dedede’s Drum Dash Deluxe. Both are short, fun experiences centred in the Kirby universe that cater to a handheld game’s strengths – that is: A game that is immediately accessible, fun to play, and works well when played in short bursts. But, do these games have enough substance to warrant a purchase? That all depends on what you like.

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RocknRolla2903d ago

Short but fun is good for devices like the 3DS to give it more appeal for various gamers. I can see the target audience this would be aimed at but I'll stick to my Majora's Mask :D