Why Gears of War Rocks

Why is Gears of War so insanely awesome?

From: "Technically, it's just the same old, same old. You've seen stuff like this a bazillion times before. Gears of War is yet another first-person shooter in which you blunder through the post-apocalyptic boneyard of civilization, repetitively slaughtering a bunch of hulking, gibbering aliens. Creepy things lurk in the dark; fresh ammo packs are scattered improbably in open sight; and as the guts paint the hallways red, your teammates curse like a bunch of Tarantino wannabes. Name every single war-weary cliché of the run-and-gun genre, and Gears of War dutifully ticks it off."

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InMyOpinion4430d ago

Cos it's character design is so damn homo-erotic that it gets hetero-erotic. It's like playing with He-Man action figures in digital form. And you can never go wrong with He-Man, can you?

DC RID3R4430d ago

cos it's a BIG BOY'S fukin game thats fukin y!!!

if ur a pu$$y THIS game aint 4 U!!!!

rj814430d ago

With everything in the article!

Scrumptious4430d ago

does he call it a first-person game? Also, while this type of game has been done before Kill.Switch as an example, is hasn't ever been done at this level of perfection. I'm playing it through for the third time, and the multiplayer is the best in years.

InMyOpinion4430d ago (Edited 4430d ago )

Killswitch implemented all the functions games like GOW, Rainbow six: Vegas and GRAW use today. Hooray for Namco! Too bad Killswitch sucked @$$...


It's one of the best games i have ever played.

rj814430d ago

Do you go by THELANDOFSAND on xbox live?

Tut4430d ago

His original name on this website was THELANDOFSAND, but he got the majority of his bubbles taken away and the mods wouldn't give them back (or the viewers, whatever works for you) so he had to create a new account in order to get them back.

I wouldn't doubt it if his original name on this site is the same as his name on Live.

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The story is too old to be commented.