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Eugene Sax of writes:

"I've always liked a good zombie game. Despite such a tired premise -- re-animated corpses are shambling across the landscape, try not to die! -- developers seem to keep finding new ways to make the situation feel fresh. The latest of these is Dying Light, a first-person survival horror game from Polish developer Techland. The time is right for the next big zombie hit... does Dying Light do the trick?

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nucky642904d ago

poor review.
here's an excerpt: "Dying Light’s most touted feature has been its “go anywhere, climb anything” parkour mechanic, but the game is unforgiving and merciless in its execution. It feels incredibly broken; I’m pretty sure I died more often from missing what seemed like a simple jump than from actual zombies. Eventually, I unlocked items that made parkour easier and more fun, but it just took too long to get there." < end quote

so, it sounds like the guy thinks we should start the game being parkour experts - and that makes no sense....part of the game is GETTING BETTER AT WHAT THE GAME OFFERS. yeesh....I don't put any stock in reviews, and it's stuff lke this that just reinforces that belief.

warriorcase2904d ago

Agreed. The parkour in this game is incredibly well done. To have it as a complaint point you'd have to be just usless at playing the game.