How Sega Can Save Sonic the Hedgehog

If Sega wants to bring its speedy blue mascot back to prosperity, it should follow these steps to the letter.

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-Foxtrot1990d ago

All they need to do is go back to what it was like but add better story elements to it

As I've said basing it off the Sonic Comics would work.

From a fast brown Hedgehog to a super fast, red trainer wearing blue hedgehog. It shows you how Robotnik became evil and why Sonic decides to stop him.



Plus Amy actually was better developed back then, she got involved more and could defend herself.


gangsta_red1990d ago

I really don't know what Sega can do to bring back Sonic. They tried brining him back to his roots but that failed just as the article suggested, poor level design and bad gameplay. The rest were all gimmicks poorly executed, so my only suggestion would be to FIRE Team Sonic.

If Mario can venture off into new gameplay areas and still be successful with spin offs after spin offs then that shows a true testament to the developing power of the Mario team at Nintendo. There is no reason why Sonic shouldn't have the same success in all his games and spin off.

Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed needs a sequel. I mean did it really do that bad that Sega dropped all support for consoles? I mean the PC version got a bunch of updates including extra characters why couldn't they port that over to the consoles? It's a shame because my friends and I play that game religiously, it's the closest to Mario Kart we have.

dcj05241990d ago

2008-2011 they had a working formula. Sonic Unleashed,Sonic Colors, and Sonic Generation was not sonic's roots at the core (Sonic Adventure is more true to the 2D Genesis games) but fans loved it and it was fun. Then they screwed around with it in Lost World and Shat on it with sonic Boom

TXIDarkAvenger1990d ago

Make it a requirement for workers to play Sonic 1-3 and Sonic Adventure 1 & 2.

StormLegend1990d ago

Keep releasing games like Generations, Allstars transformed and Unleashed, and they should be good!

LightDiego1990d ago

Now Sonic will be a mobile game only? That's awful.

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The story is too old to be commented.