The Co-op Podcast #108: Will the PS4 Outsell the Xbox One by 23m in 2019?

James Kennedy of The Koalition writes:
Welcome to the 109th edition of the Co-op Podcast.

This week’s panel consists of Anthony Frasier, Charles Singletary and The Koalition editor-in-chief Richard Bailey.

In this week’s podcast, the panel discusses the fallout from the release and reception of The Order: 1886 and also what HipHopGamer discussed in his controversial new video about the latest Sony exclusive.

The panel also chew the fat over the latest prediction made by analysts – the PlayStation 4 outselling the Xbox One by 23 million consoles by the year 2019.

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rbailey2200d ago

As I mentioned on the show, the analysts who made those predictions have absolutely no way of knowing how Xbox One or PS4 will be in 2019. While it is true that the PS4 is outselling the Xbox One right now, i wouldn't make any guesses as to how long this could last. Right now I'm only focused about the games coming on both platforms as that will ultimately be the determining factor in all this.

Foehammer2200d ago (Edited 2199d ago )

With respect:

I think the console that sells in 123 Countries will do better than the console that sells in 42 Countries.

Hypothetical question (think carefully about it):

If a console "A" in 42 Countries outsold console "B" in the same 42 Countries plus 81 more Countries. Just how bad would console "B" have to be for that to happen?

EDIT IGH2NW loses all credibility when it claims to be using VG charts but lies about the number on VG

19 - 20m PS4 it's 19.1
10 - 11m X1 lie, it's 11.3m

Difference 9m lie, it's less than 8m

100 Countries...lie

Sony's web site say 123

And lastly we see a list of Countries and no link, lol

thanhgee2200d ago

Seriously Foehammer... This 42 vs 123 bs again..

If you really think releasing the Xbox one in those 81 countries will drastically boost sales then my question to you is why don't they?

Battlefieldlover2200d ago

Is Xbox out selling PS4 in any of those shared 42?

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2200d ago (Edited 2200d ago )


I've already debunked that nonsense once. And i'll do it every time one of you xbox groupies mentions it.

Well we now know that the Playstation 4 is outselling the Xbox One in Japan. (No brainer)

The bulk of sales for both consoles come from Europe and North America and the Xbox One is being outsold in both regions. Using VGChartz as a source, (Loosely, I might add since there is no other source) The Playstation 4 has sold 19 to 20 million in Europe and North America while the Xbox One has sold 10 to 11 million in North America and Europe.

Here's a list of countries in Europe where both are available, side-by-side comparison:

*PS4 / *Xbox One
Austria / Austria
Belgium / Belgium
Czech Republic / Czech Republic
Denmark / Denmark
Finland / Finland
France / France
Greece / Greece
Germany / Germany
Hungary / Hungary
Ireland / Ireland
Italy / Italy
Luxembourg /
Malta /
Netherlands / Netherlands
New Zealand / New Zealand
Norway / Norway
Poland / Poland
Portugal / Portugal
Russia / Russia
/ Slovakia
Spain / Spain
Sweden / Sweden
Switzerland / Switzerland
United Kingdom / United Kingdom

We all know the PS4 is ahead in North America and why, but the Xbox One is available in one country less than the PS4 in Europe, but the PS4 is ahead by 9 million. I don't think that lead has anything to do with the PS4 being available in two countries that the Xbox One isn't, Luxembourg(population 543,202) and Malta(Population 423,282). Keep in mind that the PS4 is also outselling the Xbox One by about 1 million consoles in N.A. What these figures mean is this: Approximately 8 MILLION OF THE PS4's LEAD COMES FROM COUNTRIES WHERE BOTH CONSOLES ARE AVAILABLE. Since the PS4's lead is 9 to 10 million, the rest of the PS4's lead is probably coming from Japan, Australia, and the Middle East.

These numbers say one thing...


On topic: The gap will be more than 20 million before 2019. In fact, I expect that the gap will grow to 15 million by the end of 2016.

MasterCornholio2200d ago

You have an obsession with that.


I mean you never stop mentioning over and over again and everyone knows it isn't true.

In the end all your doing is spamming the comments section.

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otherZinc2200d ago

Great podcast guys.

This will be an exciting year for the XBOX ONE & PS4. With some big exclusives launching, 2015 will be pivotal.

Venomousfatman2200d ago

It honestly doesn't matter to me. But the one that will sell more systems is the console with the better quality games that make an impact.

Lennoxb632200d ago

I can't agree with that. Sales rarely reflects on quality. If that was the case, McDonalds would be a 5 star restaurant. Usually the console that sells the best is the one that gets around by word of mouth better, and has a better marketing campaign. Sony actually got an award for the best marketing campaign with the PS4. Don't get me wrong though. This isn't to say the PS4 doesn't have quality games or is a quality system.

srd44842200d ago

I don't agree either. You can make a claim that it's selling more because it has more games than XB1 but to say for a fact that the best selling system is the system with the better quality games isn't necessarily true.

IMO XB1 has had the better quality games out so far and upcoming games are even better. I'm only jealous of MLB: The Show.

stonecold32200d ago

by 2019 ps5 and the next xbox will already hit the market but ps4 and xbox one will get supported still

2200d ago
srd44842200d ago

PS4 will outsell but not sure by how much. Depends on so many things. I think by 2019, XB2 will be getting released