Xbox One Stunning Screenshots Shows Us What To Expect When Available To The Public

As part of the March update for Xbox One the feature for taking screenshots went live. This feature is, for now, only available to members of the preview program but it will likely not change much when available to all users.

Already some beautiful shots have been posted on reddit by user 'TastyBread' and it shows us some beautifull panorama's and gameplay shots of Halo 4 and Far Cry 4.

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OrangePowerz2155d ago

Question out of curiosity since I didn`t try it yet. Any way to map the function to a button or does it only work via the voice command?

lemoncake2155d ago

You can also take pictures just using buttons.

Dudebro902155d ago

You can double tap home and then press either y or x, don't remember which, but its just like recording a video.

StrayaKNT2155d ago

If you double click the xbox button (how you open snap)
theres a 'Take a screenshot" button just by pressing Y and it takes the screenshot for you of what was on the screen at the time you double clicked the xbox button.

Gotcha52154d ago

Just took a screenshot of my favorite WWE Superstar Roman Reigns on Raw just by saying Xbox take a screenshot because my controller is on the charger.

Rocky52154d ago

It's actually Press (Y) to save the screenshot.

As the screenshot is taken a soon as you double tap the home button (nexus/guide) (Y) just saves it.

Also for quickness you can just double tap home, press (Y) & it bypasses the screen. (You don't need to wait for the window to show)

OrangePowerz2155d ago

That`s good, voice commands only would make it not so good for screenshots taken while the action is going on.

Naga2154d ago (Edited 2154d ago )

That is the opposite of what is true. Voice commands allow you to keep playing and seamlessly snap a screenshot without interrupting your inputs.

4Sh0w2154d ago (Edited 2154d ago )

Yeah screenshots are easy to take with voice commands but it is difficult to play and get the screenshot at the exact split second you want the pic, but its the same when using buttons....I just take 5 to 10 random shots then pick the best one.

When you get the right action shot the screenshots do look damm nice.

Volkama2154d ago

Snap breaks input completely, and it's too slow and clunky in general. Double-tap and y is nowhere near as convenient as the share button on the dualshock.

"Xbox take a screenshot" is a good alternative for the early adopters that have Kinect, so I'm glad they haven't totally neglected to include it.

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Spudinator2172155d ago (Edited 2155d ago )

I think you double tap the x box button and push x to record or y to save screenshot.

urwifeminder2154d ago (Edited 2154d ago )

Still not used the video function yet I take few pics on steam but not many so this will not get used by me at all handy for people who like to share I guess.