Happy 3rd Birthday, PlayStation Vita: Our Top 10 Favorite Vita Games

The Short Pause staff updates their Top 10 favorite PlayStation Vita games just in time for the handheld's third anniversary. Did your favorites make the list?

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TheDude791386d ago

Even though it didn't make our list this year, I just started playing Persona 4 Golden, and even though I'm not far enough into it to add to this list, I'm still pretty impressed with how much there is to do in that game, and it just keeps adding new things all the time! At this rate, I'm pretty confident it'll be on this list next year!

Killz4Twinkies1386d ago

Easily one of the best Vita games if not one of the best games period. Enjoy - it continually gets better especially in the second half of the game!

breakpad1385d ago

the console desperately needs the Mon HUn 5 & series on it ...and AAA japan console exclusive (not Sony systems exclusive) giving Vita exclusives to PS4 Sony backstabbing their own console

Protagonist1385d ago


Better late than never, Persona 4 Golden is truly one of the best games ever created.

Tetsujin1386d ago

I'd add Muramasa Rebirth, I like that game a lot.

Protagonist1385d ago

Also Freedom Wars and Soul Sacrifice Delta, but in the end this is personal list, so it is all good ;)

antikbaka1386d ago

Soul Sacrifice, Katamari

TheDude791386d ago

@Antikbaka: Soul Sacrifice was definitely a really good game! Sadly, I have yet to play a single Katamari game! I'll add it to my list of Vita games to play

@Spotie: I enjoyed Gravity Rush as well, but I'd really like to see a sequel. It has serious potential as a series!

antikbaka1385d ago

also maybe some psp games, like patapon 1-3. i actually bought ps vita because of nostalgia about those 3

Hotline Miami...but it's multiplatform and steam is always cheaper.

Rayman Origins is great too. Thimling about buying Tearaway.

Binding of isaac woul be great choice too, but it's not cross-buy (what a shame).

"Thomas was alone" was a great indie discovery.

Disgaea 4 since it's an HD port, although i'd love to play Disgaea 2 in hd if they made one, the best theme song there.

"Stick it to the man" Just fun and good game, nothing serious.

Persona 3 - bought one with 2D city visual style but battles were 3D like in P4 Golden, although didn't regret it.

And the last but not the least - Virtue's Last reward. Oh, the story and puzzles, and all that time jumping and choices felt like reading old interective book.

Activemessiah1386d ago

Just Finished KZ:Mercenary twice... best KZ since 2.

TheDude791386d ago

It was soooo hard removing KZ:M off that list, like painfully hard. Doesn't take away from the fact that it most definitely is the best KZ since 2, I agree 100% with you!

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