Sony Exec Can't Commit to Free PS Plus DriveClub


New doubts have been cast over the free PlayStation Plus edition of Driveclub after the head of PlayStation Europe was unable to answer questions on whether the game would still materialise.

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nitrogav1392d ago

Thank god, the server's would be full of cheap skates. Just buy the game and play it. Their virtually giving it away now.

yarbie10001392d ago

If they were virtually giving it away then we would be playing the PS Plus edition we were promised a yr before launch.

spacedelete1392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

no i will not buy it because some troll on internet says so. they promised everyone a free version then delayed it for a whole year which it still released broken and then after even advertising it in a PS Plus update video they remove it last second. why should i reward them ? you Sony fanboys make me sick. Sony could stop supporting the PS4 and give you a two hand gesture and you would still defend them. not that i even care for it now anyway as better games thst are actually fun will be releasing soon next month. i only wanted the free version because there was nothing to play last year on PS4.

Gemmol1392d ago

I agree with your post, people on here should just wear a sony flag covering their eyes, they just see no wrong

nitrogav1392d ago

Me a troll that`s a laugh . Sound`s like you don`t even have a PS4 to me . So who`s the troll now ? .

Man-Eee-Faces1392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

Unacceptable! After 2 delays and all these promises of the free PSN+ version with each delay, how can they all all sudden do a 180 and back out of their words? I knew something was fishy when they were using the server overload as an excuse to not release the game and then proceed to give the game away for free in the EU/Asia as a packed-in game.

Canceling my PSN+ comes Jun when it expired since Sony releases single player games anyways. What happened to trust and integrity?

Cra2yey31392d ago

Lol really? Geez. Anyway just flat out cancel it and admit to your mistake and cancel Last Guardian while your at it.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1392d ago

I can't believe there are still people whining about not getting something for free.

It's hilarious.

WESKER20151392d ago

to be honest i never understood how they were going to make a free driveclub work, was it just a demo version of driveclub with reduced graphics and physics or what?, truly confusing scenario

ChronoJoe1392d ago

It was a demo effectively but graphics and physics were entirely the same. It was to offer a small handful of cars and only one location, but you could collect all of the trophies on it.

Only reason you could collect all of the trophies is because they separated the trophy packs from the main collection though. Honestly it does not make sense that people want this. If Driveclub is worth £15 now, then the PS Plus version which offers less than 1/4 of the content is only worth £3... I would rather have a free, full game, than the glorified Driveclub demo.

They should just release the 'free PS+' version as the demo version of the game, available to everyone on the store. I do not want it to take one of the game slots on PS+.

MegaRay1392d ago

It was a scam to get people to buy PS4 and ps+ from the get-go. Sony knows they have a loyal fanbase :)

Gemmol1392d ago

Sony could literally take money from their bank and say I am not giving it back and they would be okay with it and ask if they need more money.