Reggie: Wii online games in Q2 2007

Nintendo of America president, Reggie Fils-Amie was featured on the most recent episode of GameHead on Spike TV. While most of the episode is the usual Nintendo PR spin, he gives some information about online Wii gaming in the U.S.; expect online, multiplayer games to be announced in the first quarter of 2007 and to ship in the second quarter.

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andy capps4361d ago

No multiplayer at launch, no games supporting multiplayer until 5 months after launch sounds like a rush job and that the online has quite a ways to go. If they're trying to improve on the Gamecube's online presence (i.e. none), they're not doing a very good job. Hope they get things going.

PS360WII4361d ago

Online multiplayer isn't key to a console. As they are showing right now^^ They have the Virtual Console and that rocks the house and Nintendo wants you to have friends over and play games. Instead of telling your friends to go home and log on your own system so we can play together...

andy capps4361d ago

That's just an excuse for not having multiplayer ready for launch. Why are these kinds of delays ok for Nintendo, but if Sony had done the same thing we'd be hearing bloody murder from all the gamers? Yes, it may be fun to play in groups. If I and my family had a Wii right now, how would we be expected to play together when we live 600 miles away?

PS360WII4361d ago

it's not an excuss it's just that they have stated many many times that they don't feel the need for online multiplayer. So when they launched the Wii without it we were just saying 'oh I guess that's how it is'
Nintendo never promised the fully functional multiplayer online at launch. That's why it's excepable. And what portion of your family are you talking about that's 600 miles away? Even further what portion of your family is going to be busting out online multiplayer action? Online is nice with family for e-mails and pictures and what not. But I don't see my Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother-In-Law, older Brothers and Cousins to log in and play games around the campfire. No we get together and do that stuff

andy capps4361d ago

We'll have to agree to disagree. Promising online multiplayer at launch or not, it's still unacceptable in my eyes with the current dynamics of the gaming market. Nintendo is proving to be stubborn once again in my eyes, it doesn't seem like much has changed from Gamecube online in my eyes, as far as multiplayer support is concerned. We'll see if the existing online support will keep gamers entertained for 5 months or so until the first online multiplayer supported games start coming out. It seems like Excite Truck could have benefitted from online multiplayer, and I'm sure others could have as well.

In answer to your question, all of my family lives 600 miles away from me, and none of us have a Wii at the present time, but I was just using it as an example for those gamers that may want to play multiplayer but having people over to play may not be as convenient. Yes, it may be more fun to play in groups, but again, it seems like a step back to yesteryear when the only way to play against your friends was to have them over.

ChickeyCantor4361d ago

calling a friend over and play in the same room is more fun then online, but if you dont want to play against AI but humans then online is better, but playing in the same room is way more fun.

i remember playing xbox-halo2 on Xlink-kai me and my 3 brothers 1 on room against others was just great, not becozz it was online becozz we wur in the same room having fun.

jacen10004361d ago

well it isent because of the network because the network has been running DS online for a longtime now