Pimps at Sea...I mean Halo 3 News Update.

Bungie admits that the mysterious "Pimps at Sea" title that was seen being played by certain members of XBox Live (also known to be Bungie insiders), was indeed the Alpha version of Halo 3 as was surmised.

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2tired2day2hate4334d ago

"we’ll have a couple of other actors in to reprise roles. One of them is a huge fan favorite."

david cross?

JoelEH4334d ago

I dont know who to contact. BUT if your reading this and you can contact news4gamers then let them know to try to go into with a pocket PC. It takes you into to the Halo 3 LOGO instead of redirecting you to its telling me to install something so I'm going to start digging I think its the Macromedia Flash player wich I already have so let me do some more digging and I'll write back.

MicroGamer4334d ago

You have to use Internet Explorer to access the registration site. Sorry, Firefoxers, but you're out of luck.