Mortal Kombat X – “Feudel Japan” Skin Pack Possibly Leaked

New rumors about Mortal Kombat X’s first DLC pack are beginning to surface after a rather quiet week for NetherRealm Studios in terms of new information on their upcoming fighter.

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DarthSocio1361d ago

Probably just get the GOTY edition

jdktech20101361d ago

If you can wait that's probably the best plan for netherealm games.

-Lawless-1361d ago

I hope they are generous with the costumes included or at least have some unlockable. I figure since each character has 3 variations 3 costumes for each character would suffice.

Santana1361d ago

No clue on how many costumes the vanilla version of the game will include, but they are planning to add 15 alts via DLC and probably a few freebies whenever a character is released.

-Lawless-1361d ago

15? Wow, that's pretty sweet actually.

Santana1361d ago (Edited 1361d ago )

Yup. Though truthfully the post release costume count is more than likely going to be around 22-24, since they usually release the free ones in pairs.

And in the vanilla version of the game each character will most likely get either one or two extra alts that you can unlock.

johny51361d ago

Hopefully they give us the original ninja costumes for Sub-Zero, Scorpion and a human ninja Reptile!

GokuSolosAll1361d ago

Ugh, DLC during development? Is this really an acceptable practice now? Butchering games to resell pieces?

Don't come at me with that "durr u no gots 2 by!!!1!" bullcrap. Yeah, I'm also aware that GENERALLY it's cosmetics but we used to get it as part of the ****ING package! Either way, they'll keep testing the waters, pushing, prodding greedily, nickels and dimes, season passes, it's all gonna keep hitting harder.

It's gotta be stopped.

jdktech20101361d ago

Yes, it is. Deal with it or don't buy....pretty simple

KaoSouL1361d ago (Edited 1361d ago )

Everyone bitching about DLC and the extra cost reminds me of the One Percenters movement a few years back.

"I can't afford something, but other people can, therefore I hate those people and deserve something for free..."

... Sorry, the world doesn't work that way.... never has, never will.... welcome to REALITY.

DLC is premium content for people willing to pay a premium fee, If you can't afford the DLC, then get a better job or accept you won't have access to it. Crying about it wont change a thing.

I have money, I like DLC (cosmetic or not), and I'll continue buying it.... why?
Because I will literally play fighting games in excess of 500 hours. The variety and addition of new content keeps the game visually appealing and gives the gamer a reason to revisit a game they might have otherwise tossed aside and forgotten about.

Wonder_Punk1361d ago

And people like you are why these companies think this is ok to do. The issue isn't that people can't afford it. The issue is that you aren't being sold EXTRA content, you are having content withheld from you to be sold later at a price that makes no sense in relation to the rest of the game which most likely costs a FULL $60. Why would it be any different though. They can do this and squeeze out as much money as possible from people like you and then just release it all together in a "value" pack for the people that wouldn't buy into it the first time.

Santana1361d ago

Except the content you're talking about isn't being withheld, at least with Mortal Kombat X.

As some of the devs clarified that any content that isn't finished by the time the game goes gold won't be sold as DLC later on.

Wonder_Punk1361d ago

@Santana, if that is the case then maybe the game shouldn't go "gold" until they finish it. If you think this DLC milking isn't planned well in advance of release you are fooling yourself. The game isn't releasing until April and you can bet your life that they are already well underway on creating the "extra" content, that is if it isn't already complete.

WizzroSupreme1360d ago

I'd totally get that pack if it's true.

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