The Order: 1886 Trophy Guide

Welcome to PlayStation LifeStlye’s Trophy Guide for The Order: 1886! The much anticipated title from Ready at Dawn has an extremely easy Trophy list. In addition to its easy difficulty, it also has a bit of a different list. There are no Bronze Trophies and the game only has 22 Trophies in total. Most of them you’ll earn without even trying. There are a few collectible related Trophies, but that’s about the extent of the Trophies that require you to go out of your way. With the linear nature of the game, the collectibles are also easy to find as there are really no big environments to hide them in. If you beat the game and still need Trophies, you can use chapter select to earn them. It’s a list full of Silver and Golds, an extremely easy Platinum and it all comes without the shame of playing a Hanna Montana-type game, enjoy!

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