Atari reveales releasedates for all platforms, Alone in the Dark coming March 2007

Atari today announced their new releasedates for december 2006 and 2007. Most interesting is probably Alone in the Dark 4, the game is coming for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and good old Playstation 2 in March 2007.

Complete releaselist:

04.12.06 - Blade Dancer (PSP, RPG)
07.12.06 - Point Blank (NDS, Shooter)
14.12.06 - Totally Spies 2 (NDS, Family)
14.12.06 - Thrillville (PS2/PSP, Simulation)
Dezember 2006 - Metal Slug Anthology (PSP, Shooter)
11.01.07 - The King of Fighters XI (PS2, Fighting)
18.01.07 - Arthur &The Minimoys (PS2/PSP/NDS/GBA, Action/Adventure)
18.01.07 - Metal Slug 1 (GBA, Shooter)
25.01.07 - SNK VS Capcom Card Figthers (NDS, Trading Card Spiel)
25.01.07 - Vegas Casino (NDS, Family)
25.01.07 - Actua Pool (NDS, Action)
31.01.07 - Samurai Shodown (PS2, Fighting)
Januar 2007 - King of Fighters Maximum Impact 2 inkl. Movie DVD (PS2, Fighting)
Januar 2007 - Metal Slug Anthology (Wii, Action)
08.02.07 - Battle Zone (PSP, Action)
15.02.07 - Test Drive Unlimited (PS2/PSP, Rennspiel)
22.02.07 - Hot PXL (PSP, Arcade)
08.03.07 - Bullet Witch (Xbox 360, Action)
22.03.07 - Dungeon & Dragons Tactics (PSP, RPG)
22.03.07 - Tamagotchi Connexion Corner Shop 2 (NDS, Simulation)
29.03.07 - Gunpey (PSP/NDS, Action)
März 2007 - Alone in the Dark 7 (PS3/PS2/Xbox 360, Action/Adventure)

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SuperSaiyan46404d ago

No confirmation, no links, no official ATARI source!!



devv056404d ago (Edited 6404d ago )

Dear SuperSaiyan4, you're starting to annoy me a little now. You don't really think sites are making news up, do you? The site the link is referring to is the largest Xbox 360 site in the Netherlands and also the largest German gamesite mentiones the dates, which come from a PRESS statement by Atari Europe.

Please stop screaming like a brainless idiot at every post and maybe you should look for a job, a girlfriend and a life. Thank you and please take your pills next time.

takz6404d ago (Edited 6404d ago )

how is this rubbush i for one wanted to know when this games gonna come it i read an interview on it and it seemed very promising

PS360WII6404d ago

I'm not sure where you get rubbish. Oh and the caps lock is about 3 millimeters from a so I think it's easy enough to turn it off. It's is a Monday though so maybe you just woke up on the wrong side of the bed today

SuperSaiyan46404d ago

That website seems to be a haven for people with no brains. Anyone can make up nonsense, where is the official statement by ATARI?

PS360WII6404d ago

Ah I see. Yeah didn't check the link figured all that needed to be said was on this page. Germans with a xbox360 only website. Yeah I can see how these release dates can't be too truthfull, maybe more of an educated guess, but still a guess

Tommie6404d ago

For ones, check other gaming websites and you'll see the same list that's posted here. And the so called 'German' ( which is not, every dumbass dic khead knowns NL is for Netherlands you retards ) site has the news from their source Gamefront.de which is a very large German gaming website.

PS360WII6404d ago

I'm sorry that I offended your "German" er sorry Netherlands website. Really though Tommie you need to simmer down now we aren't attacking your dumbass self personally

devv056404d ago (Edited 6404d ago )

PS360WII, Dutch people don't really like it when you call them German ;) But I can understand the languages look all the same to you.

And Tommie, please watch your language.


Alone in the Dark Developer Has Been Hit With Layoffs

Alone in the Dark developer Pieces Interactive has been hit with layoffs a month after its release, as per the latest information.

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coolbeans53d ago

That genuinely, genuinely sucks. The reboot has clear flaws, but it really felt like a solid first step for this team to receive *greater* investment.

XiNatsuDragnel53d ago

Alone in the dark is a fun game so that's unfortunate

CrimsonWing6952d ago

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that the norm after a project is done?

Terry_B52d ago

That's standard. Teams are together for a Project, after its done some..and sometimes most devs are fired until the next Project is in the works and people are needed again. Only the core members stay in the time between the hot phase of the game development.

CrimsonWing6952d ago

What’s annoying is people don’t understand how contractors work, either. All of this is uninformed knee-jerk reactions without any understanding of how employment works in this industry. There are key developers and staff that stay with a studio/publisher, but often times it’s a hire per project and then seeking new employment for a project. That’s how it’s always been…

coolbeans52d ago

That's a fair point too. I would say that in light of its tepid critical/commercial response and ongoing mass layoffs across the industry I think it's understandable for fans to worry about the longer-term implications. We'll see how it plays out in the future.


Alone in the Dark (XS) Review | VGChartz

VGChartz's Lee Mehr: "In one sense, it feels strange to even think Pieces Interactive had big shoes to fill with this series' legacy. Given what's come before, did it really? And yet, even when considering the last two flops over a two-decade span, there's still something about Alone in the Dark emblazoned on a title screen that carries a sense of revered history. In that respect, perhaps this reboot's best accomplishment is in honoring that spirit through its inventive world. It's also fair to emphasize knocks against its survival-horror design, some puzzle-solving, and so on; it certainly won't be considered a trendsetter like the 1992 classic. Still, the amount of goodwill wedded to its brighter qualities makes for something that dawdles the line between unfortunately-flawed and impressively-enticing."

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Alone in the Dark review [SideQuesting]

The new Alone in the Dark remake doesn't do anything especially noteworthy, but that doesn't mean it's bad. It's just... cromulent.

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