The Order: 1886 and the Problem with Reviews

The lukewarm reception of PlayStation’s exclusive The Order: 1886 reminds us how problematic reviewing a video game can be.

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ArchangelMike2904d ago

It reminds me how rabid and inconsistent the gaming media can be. It would not surprise me in the least if Publishers slowly stop sending out review copies of games pre-release.

Torque_CS_Lewith2904d ago

Reviews are fine as long as they are dishing out acclaim to Naughty Dog and Media Molecule. As soon as they step out of line then it's corrupt media and "real gamers don't need reviews!"

You can't have it both ways, you cannot drum on about the 300 goty awards that TLOU got and then turn around and accuse the very same media that dished out those awards for being rabid and inconsistent.

Plenty of games get low review scores, metacritic is riddled with them but only when the media disagree with you on a game you have unnatural feelings of love for do you zealots start pitch forking.

MysticStrummer2904d ago

No I lost faith in reviews long ago, and the final nail in that coffin wasn't bad reviews for a game I loved, it was good reviews for a game I couldn't stand.

jebabcock2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

Just makes TLOU that much more amazing right?
Doesn't mean that other good games dont get crapped on. The weather report is almost always wrong.. but I check it because it at least gives me a general idea and a second opinion. I think attaching numbers to games is more harmful than good in most cases.

Jaqen_Hghar2904d ago

look at the content of the review. They're bashing the order because it doesn't fit their narrow criteria for what a game should be. TLoU, Legend of Zelda, Uncharted, Smash, and such do fit that mold and they do deserve the praise they get but reviewers can be trusted on very few sub-genres to actually get things right and undoubtedly favor older franchises. If the Order gameplay had been in Gears it would be "more of what we love" rather than "stale Gears like gameplay"

Thatguy-3102904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

I agree with what you're saying but when you see games score below 5/10 the review score is just exaggerated. Example, to me anything below that would mean the game is unplayable/broken with glitches and what not. I think it's best if scores will just go away and leave the explanation to represent the review alone. Scores aren't taken as serious. It's just a number with no meaning behind them. This is aim to the scores that go to as low as 1 to the ones that reach 21/20 -_-.

testerg352904d ago

"Example, to me anything below that would mean the game is unplayable/broken with glitches and what not."

I never understood that. What if the game was really crappy, but didn't have any glitches? That deserves higher than a 5?

starchild2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

There is truth to what you are saying. Many people are hypocritical and inconsistent and only flaunt review scores when it suits them.

Nevertheless, I genuinely don't care much what critics think. I've been this way most of my life. I just find that critics--whether of film, books or games--often don't share my tastes. It's not that I don't pay any attention to them, it's just that I ultimately make up my own mind and don't much care what a few dozen critics think of something.

I've been playing The Order 1886 for a few hours today and so far I honestly like it more than a lot of the reviewers did. No, it doesn't blow me away with incredible gameplay innovation, but it does have solid gameplay along with amazing visuals and strong storytelling. All of that adds up to a good game for me.

Dee_912903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

50% subjective
50% objective would be my ideal review, game reviews nowadays are 98% subjective 2% comparing it to other games ( or vice versa) .Needless to say, I lost faith in reviews a long time ago regarding rather I purchase a game or not.. I still like to read the opinions though.

I just don't understand this thinking process. Generalization has its use.Using it to point out some type of hypocrisy or irony or inconsistency by the masses is not one.You can't just assume that the same people that praise goty awards are the same people that hate media... I guess your comment may have been aimed toward that minority.. but the way you stated it was like you just put everybody in one basket and call them all hypocrites for not having unison thought...
I don't brag about reviews scores or GOTY, because its essentially bragging that other people agree with you.. which is very douchey.
I think deltron 3030 said it best.
The truth isn't the truth just because you say it is, its the truth because thats just the way it is.Don't quote me on that, I haven't heard the song in a long time :)

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Magicite2904d ago

The hate this game is receiving is disgusting. In my 20 years of gaming, I have never seen such a vicious act of hate, trolls and biased reviews towards a new IP. And this has been on since day one. I wonder what people get out of bashing The Order? If this game had been multiplatform, a couple hours longer and couple pf QTE`s lighter, people would have been praising it through the roof.

The game is good. It is really really good. If your`e a fan of story driven games in the vein of Uncharted, The Last Of Us, Heavy Rain and TellTale`s The Walking Dead, you`re in for a treat. everything works great as a whole in this game, and everyone has to remember, it`s a new IP. Everything will be bigger and better in the next installment. I hope there is The Order 1887 in the horizon, despite some petty people trying to ruin everything.

Graphics are great, setpieces engaging, the setting marvellous. QTE`s are a bit on the heavy side and the story and it`s conclusion somewhat lacking. And the game could be unboubtedly a little longer. Other than that, it`s all good.

lemoncake2904d ago Show
testerg352904d ago

I could have sworn there's hundreds of multiplatform games that received crap scores.

MysticStrummer2904d ago

@lemoncake - "if this game had been a multiplaform game from a random company do you really think that you would have even bothered to come here and take the time to write all that to defend it, I really don't think so."

I would have. I've defended multi plats before and I'm sure I'll do it again.

Dee_912903d ago

@ Magicite

Short gameplay, lots of qte, and "cinematic gameplay" doesn't really sit well with the masses... In fact, i'd wager they prefer the opposite. Like I said before, the game is targeted towards a specific audience, I don't think it was meant to be a generic blockbuster video game.I don't think its bias or even that the hate is over the top.What I do hate is all the "I told you so" trolls that haven't even played the game gloating because they have a popular opinion.Maybe hate is a strong word.. it just annoy me.

Re-versed2903d ago


Yeah...Iknow the masses think that cod is the best thing ever LOL!!!

Chapter 4 3.42 hours of play...A CINEMATIC MASTERPIECE...Xboners try harder next time...

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360ICE2904d ago

They've almost done so already. Reviewers that ordered The Order (ha!) online were the first to review them this time around because of the embargo. That and the leaks.

Visiblemarc2904d ago

Yep ArchangelMike, especially if reviewers continue to attempt to promote their twitters and clickbait rather than offer a fair analysis.

This article, btw, was really, really, on point and refreshingly sensible.

jrshankill2904d ago

This article, and the posts here, are absolutely laughable.

Aww... your poor PS4 exclusive that you were harping on about for months turned out to be a pile of crap, and now it's the medias fault. You guys sound like Michael Jackson.

Gamer19822903d ago

Its why the review score system needs to finally die.. It's proving why people have switched to youtube for there real reviews.

T2X2903d ago

I agree. I played the first 20 min or so of The Order last night and I can see why some people are not happy with it. It has the some of the same type of vibe as Heavy Rain, gameplay wise in some segments from what I saw. I personally really am enjoying it. But, I happen to enjoy these types of games quite a bit and I don't mind if it's a bit on the short side.

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

Why you can't trust reviews in 46 words...

Assassin's Creed Unity - broken
Trust Reviews - 9/10
Games Radar - 4/5
IGN - 7.8/10
Meta Critic - 3.5/10

Halo MCC - broken
Meta critic 4/5
IGN 9/10
Games Radar 4.5/5
Trusted Reviews 9/10

Battlefield 4 - broken
Meta Critic 4/5
Gamespot 8/10
Games Radar 4.5/5
Trusted Reviews 8/10

Broken games get high marks because of the amazing gameplay?

HammadTheBeast2904d ago

Bf4 was also largely a BF3 reskin,.

Man-Eee-Faces2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

Nice pick and choose and I like how you left out any PS4 exclusives like Driveclub and the very own The Order.

Dualshockers 8.5
Playstation universe 9.5
Gaming age 9.1
Official PS Magazine 9
Gaming Trend 9

The Order:
Dualshockers 8.5
Gaming Trend 9.5

And this one takes the cake coming from you as you commented on an unknown German site that gave the Order a 89/100 with this:
"IGiveHugs2NakedWomen&am p;#1 60; +   2d ago

Can everyone imagine what would happen if The Order gets game of the year? 

I can... 

Fanboy rage"

You can't make this stuff up!

You see your argument is full of holes if you are trying to play the bias card.

Blackleg-sanji2904d ago

I think his point was about broken games....everything isn't a flame war come on now

JaredH2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

You realize reviewers get to play multiplayer games days or weeks early in lobbies with other reviewers right? That's why the multiplayer isn't broken to them since the servers aren't hit with everyone trying to play the game yet.

If anything you're just highlighting the idea that reviewers shouldn't get multiplayer games early anymore. I know Bungie did that with Destiny and the reviews actually gave a good representation of the game imo.

I haven't played Assassin's Creed Unity but that's even the lowest rated main entry in the series.

garrettbobbyferguson2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

Are reviewers terrible? Yes. We've established that for years.

But why are they suddenly extraordinarily terrible when it comes to the Order? A mediocre/average game is getting mediocre/average reviews. Finally the ratings scale is being used properly and everyone is throwing a fit.

I also recall Ryse getting this treatment, which is a game in the same vein as The Order. And a quick look shows me that it also has a bunch of average deserved review scores at metacritic.

Moe-Gunz2903d ago

If you play The Order you know giving it below a 5 is pretty strange.

Manic20142904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

I said this previously on a different article, a broken game can be fixed but gameplay cannot. One of the reason for such mediocre reviews is the "lacklustre" gameplay implemented in The Order 1886.

Moe-Gunz2903d ago

If the gameplay is lackluster the same must be said for Gears.

So far I've experienced cinematic QTE battles like Heavy Rain, cover shootouts like Gears, and stealth gameplay with TLoU/Manhunt executions.

starchild2903d ago

You're just doing the same thing, hating on games with faulty reasoning. AC Unity is not, and never was, broken. It was glitchy to be sure, but nothing game breaking and most of that has been patched out anyway. The game is good, in my opinion.

Oh, and the metacritic score is 70, not 3.5.

T2X2903d ago

I can accept a game has trouble as long as they eventually fix them so they function well. In my case a good example would be BF series. I always cut them some slack because they always take a lengthy time to get the bugs ironed out. I can'y comment on the other titles you mention though.

maniacmayhem2902d ago

"Broken games get high marks because of the amazing gameplay?"

You are only picking and choosing one aspect of the game these reviewers are talking about and not the many others they have criticized.

AC:U, MCC and BF4 may have had bugs and online issues, but they were still feature complete, with tight controls, a good story, and extra options including multiplayer as well as co-op. From what most reviewers are saying is they weren't impressed with the story, the gameplay and the length not to mention it didn't have anything extra.

Just because technically and graphically it was amazing doesn't excuse all the other aspects that make a game complete and fun to play.

Stop trying to drag other games into this trying to prove why The Order should get a higher score.

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98xpresent2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

The game is mediocre and is a ripoff . It's a reason the Order getting so much hate.

Now people on this site are saying Gaming journalist's of this era is bad. They have been telling us that this game is boring,mediocre, and joyless for the last few months but you guys didn't Believe them you all thought it was clickbait article

MysticStrummer2904d ago

I don't agree at all. Playing the game I'm reminded of Destiny, not from the gameplay obviously but the fact that people seemed to be surprised at what the game is when that info has been there all along for anyone paying attention.

I like different experiences. Last generation I loved Demon's Souls, Red Dead Redemption, Heavy Rain, Metal Gear Solid 4, Flower, Journey, Uncharted, Everyday Shooter, Diablo 3, Far Cry 3, Endwar, Oblivion, Civilization Revolution, SSX, Little Big Planet, Kingdoms of Amalur, Dragon's Dogma, Warhawk, Borderlands, MAG, RUSE… you get my drift… and to me The Order is a game that's different from the norm. I don't want every game to do what The Order does, but I can say the same about all those games I listed above.

Bottom line is I'm enjoying The Order very much, and I already know I'll be playing through it again so however long my play time is it will be doubled.

starchild2903d ago

I completely agree. There is room for many different types of games. I don't like this attitude some people have that games have to follow certain prescribed rules.

I like many different kinds of games and I enjoy the diversity that modern gaming offers. The Order 1886 has been an enjoyable experience so far.

TKCMuzzer2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

Excuse me, nobody tells me what I will or won't like, certainly not a bunch of people who get games given for free meaning straight away value is a non issue.
I am a few hours into 'The Order' and whilst it's not the best game ever created its certainly not worth some of the stupid scores these so called gaming sites are giving it and as for the site that gave it 1/5, well after playing myself it makes me quite angry that a review like that can be thrust onto so many easily influenced people.
The amount of articles relating to this game is way over board and down right unacceptable. There are worse games out there guilty of far worse than just being linear or short but as they are non exclusive to many of them get free pass.
The video game industry is easily becoming the industry of double standards right across the board and I for one am beginning to get tired of it.

El_Assenso2903d ago

Never understood this mentality of some people bashing games just because you have a 'dislike' for that console or genre. If you do not like the game because its not to your tastes, do not play it.

Nearly every review I have read has hammered The Order 1886 for being too cinematic....but wait a second! Cinematic story-telling is exactly what Ready At Dawn said they were doing with this game! Review a game on its merits not WHAT you want the game to be i.e. UnChar-Geared-Solid-Duty 9!

faysal2904d ago

Never ever in my 18plus years of gaming, i let myself influence purchases cz of a review (i.e. opinions of others). i buy things that look like my cup of tea and guess what? Still waiting to be disappointed.
Gaming journalism is a joke these day. Since well-known and new websites use bad review score to lure in the haters/fan boys which is 100% guaranteed to reach the top of n4g vs well thought out review, which will get thrown under the rug.

iamnsuperman2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

Gaming Journalism isn't a joke because they use bad reviews to lure in readers. I really disagree with this especially with the more mainstream publications as they use tag lines/crap headers for that (a click is a click). Its the reluctance to go against things that do not follow the norm yet complain about how games rehash the same ideas over and over again which makes gaming journalism a joke. They are creating the problem they complain about.

With the Order example it is not a great game but it is not a bad game. It tried a new angle which I felt wasn't explored properly and hindered this game becoming a great game. But did it deserve the backlash it got. God no. Games media are just giving publishers more ammunition to keep pumping out the same old stuff time and time again because the reviews still matter as we still talk about it

poor_cus_of_games2904d ago

The order is a excellent game with top notch production values. I haven't heard voice acting and music like it since the last of us. Everyone should try the order.


Are you all f%&king serious!? The game is BORING, can't interact with anything, short as hell, and NOT worth $60... DO NOT set a standard for this crap for future developers.

The Graphics are AMAZING and the best out, Music and overall tone of the game is great, but it's not worth $60 for a game that you can beat in a day with 0 replay value people. I would pay $30 tops for this

Moe-Gunz2903d ago

People determine what is valuable to them. You don't get to dictate that to others. This is why many got a lot of value out of MGS Ground Zeroes and others did not. Also replayablity is dependent on the individual too. I may love running through the story several times while you may not. Some games have so much in it but I may find I don't have an interest in it while you may.

There is no standard to be set here. [email protected] said upfront that they were going for a cinematic experience game. Now they're being crucified for achieving what they set out to do. The game is damn good and even if you're not into story-driven games you're kidding yourself if you look at this game and say 1/5 in my opinion.