Halo 3 reminder: commercial and public beta today

As Bungie announced in the lame strategically timed early-morning web update, Master Chief will appear in a Halo 3 commercial during tonight's Monday Night Football. Today also signals the registration frenzy to try to score a slot in the Halo 3 public beta (a.k.a Pimps at Sea); check the Halo 3 site for details. (The site wasn't yet updated when this post went live, but we expect a "many will enter, few will win" scenario.)

The 60-second commercial will air on ESPN sometime between 5:50 and 6:20PM PST in North America. The rest of the world can download the commercial at beginning at 9:00PM PST (04.00 GMT). The ad is a mix of live and computer-animated footage, but it won't include any in-game shots. Only North American gamers are currently eligible for the Halo 3 beta.

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Fanboys are gay4338d ago

can some one give me a link to the beta sign up or is it up yet , i cant find it on bungie's site

Mr Murda4338d ago (Edited 4338d ago ) . The site is running, however they're not taking registrations yet.

takz4338d ago

to see how this game turns out. I do hope they find a way to reinvent it. don't get me wrong halo 2 was perfect, but it wouldn't seem right if Halo 3 was an expanded version with better graphics

FadeToBlack4337d ago

Didnt show too much there