Europe Weekly Charts, 31st January 2015

Europe Hardware by Platform
PS4 48,355 (-7%) 7,569,022
3DS 23,769 (-16%) 13,416,437
XOne 20,982 (-5%) 2,979,855
PS3 17,485 (+1%) 33,796,323
WiiU 8,690 (-6%) 2,137,788
X360 7,683 (+20%) 25,587,540
PSV 4,094 (-8%) 2,891,273
Wii 1,071 (-13%) 33,678,949

Europe Software:
1 Grand Theft Auto V (PS4)
2 Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (PS4)
3 FIFA 15 (PS4)
4 Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire (3DS)
5 MineCraft (PS3)

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DarkOcelet2203d ago

Good numbers all around.

PoSTedUP2203d ago

yeah wow, sony's destroying the top 10 software charts. big ups to them.

DarkOcelet2203d ago

Europe is one of Sony's territory so its expected to be on top.

The Order 1886 should give it a nice boost in February. Speaking of which, VGchartz seriously needs to pick up the pace abit. Its almost the end of February and they are still in January.

PoSTedUP2203d ago

for sure. theyre also dominating the WW top 10 software charts with 6/10 between three companys and all major platforms and handhelds.

yeah they are behind, but lets hope its because they are working on being more accurate with their numbers.

Cindy-rella2203d ago (Edited 2203d ago )

Ps4 still on top in sales all over the world and with the order 1886 it will increase substantially in february, and march with the help of bloodborne. Ps4 will increase lead even more over the other consoles until probably september when the other consoles get AAA amount of hate and propaganda of the order 1886 will stop it from being successful. The negativity surrounding the order will garner it more attention and a lot of core gamers will want to try it for themselves. Itll give the ps4 a bit more sales as well where the other consoles dont have big AAA exclusives at the moment and for a while.

Gamer19822203d ago

With PS4 topping Xbox once again in America and outside of Europe in places like Japan Xbone not even selling more than a few hundred MS need a new strategy to catch up if they really want to..

LightDiego2203d ago

PS4 it's the leader, like always.

WizzroSupreme2203d ago

Haha, at first I thought that 'PS V" stood for a PS5.

Spotie2203d ago

Dude, nobody's buying that.

slutface2203d ago

Sony got the other two companies in a chokehold.