Sony Talk PS4 - Major PS3 Upgrades In Between

A PS4 will be launched by Sony but not until at least 2010 claims the Vice President of Technology for Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, Paul Holman. What will happen between then and now is that Sony will introduce a series of firmware upgrades that will give the PS3 more media centre capability while allowing for the introduction of third party applications and hardware "Such as interactive controllers" similar to the Nintendo Wii he said.

"To say that there will be no PS4 because of a management change is a bit far fetched: he said.

Speaking to SmartHouse in Sydney, Holman said that right now Sony game developers are realizing that the PS3 with the Cell processor has "A heap more processing headroom than they initially anticipated and that this was resulting in the development of new gaming capabilities".
He also said that by March when the PAL version of the Sony PS3 will be launched in Europe and Australia that the PS3 will undergo an additional firmware upgrade and that he anticipates that at least 20 new games will be available to coincide with the launch.
"The PS3 has an awful lot of processing power and we will harness this power with firmware upgrades and new features. He also admitted that the PS3 will become as much a media centre for the home as it is a gaming machine and the introduction of new capabilities such as the ability to download third party operating systems to the PS3 will see several new capabilities added to the system. We have already seen one European Linux application running on the PS3 and over the next few months we know of several others that plan to launch a product for the PS3"

He also said that in the future the PS3 could come with a keyboard and mouse that will allow for easier access to the internet as well as the use of new media centre and third party applications.

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untouchable4339d ago

Sony said the PS3 was going to last for 10 years?

shysun4339d ago

Life span...It doesn't mean that the next one can't launch in 5 or six years.Ps1 10 years PS2 is still going strong and the PS3 is out you understand now?It just mean they'll support it for 10 years.

marionz4338d ago

sony you sure do make some stuff ups! a ps4 that soon, and we dont even get the ps3 till 2007! what a joke!

Marriot VP4339d ago (Edited 4339d ago )

4 year console until next, hmmm. Guess their not going to risk being a year after third Xbox than. Wow considering that, there's not much reason to get a PS3 + Blu-ray when the price comes down in 3 years. When the PS4 without a movie format is coming out soon after.

And these major upgrades are, I guess, just software updates for their dilluted online experience, and minor hardware modifications.

USMChardcharger4339d ago

really a 3 year console...we are in the last month of 2006 and hardly anyone has a by the time the mass public has will be 2007.
i seriously doubt they would bring out PS4 in 3 yrs...but this is Sony so who knows.

lalaland4339d ago (Edited 4339d ago )

Your comment doesn't make sense...

Sony has a history of supporting loyal owners of PlayStations.

I guess you were thinking of MS -- they came last to market with the XBox, first to market with XBox 360, yet they stopped development for XBox after only a 5 year lifetime in the US and hardly delivered on backwards compatibility on the X360.

4 years between consoles is a MS trait, not a Sony one....

combatant4337d ago

Im sorry sony, but i already have a f'king computer. I just want to game. sorry.

FordGTGuy4339d ago

Just give it up bite the bullet and just let your gaming branch go because your already on the edge and one step from falling into the abyss.

DC RID3R4339d ago (Edited 4339d ago )

your spot-on bro!!!!

nintendo just CAN'T lose in this war. NEITHER can ms now.
If the 360 had only sold around4-5 million units by now, then the sony vs ms situation would still be 50/50>

right now sony's a DEAD DUCK!!!

also, nintendo is working on revolutionary visual mapping techniques that will not only be OVERWHELMINGLY stunning visually, but will also be VERY cheap to implement(cos nintendo DON'T like spending money)!!!

Juevani4339d ago

Nitendo is cheap in other word, get the hell outta here with that alien of urs... PS4 four years from now, sounds like a good deal 2 me, I mean 4 years is enough time 2 play alot of games kids, so dont make this a problem again, god u people just complain *Sony is late, sony is early, sony is slow, sony is fast, sony is layin, sony reviels 2 much truth, sony bla bla, sony tra rararara) god damit u xbots and nitendo dwerfs are coco..

Grown Folks Talk4339d ago

that trash microsoft for not letting the xbox run longer than 4 years.

shysun4339d ago

So deing that 360 has sold 7million,now Sony is dead?LOL 90% of those ppl owned a XboX,not much of an improvement!

Retard4339d ago

Can you say WAY OFF TOPIC?

Where's the administrative power?

Enjoy your last bubble, seems to me you're the only thing dying here.

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Capt CHAOS4339d ago

Why announce it and why so soon???
that's a pretty short shelf life for the PS3, if this is the case, I reckon, Sony will launch a PS4 in 2010, but it'll be just a 'slighly upped PS3, i.e. No compatibility issues and not too expensive to produce.

This will also allow Sony to claim leap-frogging MS. But MS could pull a dirtier by announcing an Xbox 720 and have that launch in a couple of years. Same machine but with a built in HD DVD and a biger HD.

We'll see.. All interesting.