Video: Kriby's Adventure Wii - Played on Wii U GamePad

The guys over at Gaming Boulevard made a video of Kriby's Adventure Wii for Wii U and played it using the GamePad.

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Locknuts1338d ago (Edited 1338d ago )

Not Kirby's finest hour. They should bring that yarn one out.

GBtv1338d ago

Have to agree on that one!

bouzebbal1338d ago (Edited 1338d ago )

really? i think Epic Yarn was very slow...
gameplay was great as always and the game concept was very creative but i thought the game was lacking speed overall.

Kirby's Adventure has a strong focus on power ups, which is a good thing for me because Yarn focused mainly on the yarn physics and all.

If you guys loved Epic Yarn then Yoshi game is on the way with the same concept.
Rainbow Curse looks very cool, i'm tempted!

wonderfulmonkeyman1338d ago

I enjoyed the game, but IMO, nothing has yet to top All-Star Deluxe...

Servbot411338d ago

Kriby is my favroite cahracter.

BenRage31337d ago

Kriby are some of teh best ganes ever. When you have top notched ganes like Kriby it had no graphix violences which maked it playable for everyone.