Microsoft Confirms Motion Controller with Strong Denials?

Kombo Writes: "Last night, it appeared that Microsoft was definitely going to be introducing their motion controller at E3. During a Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts video walkthrough, Ken Lobb accidentally made reference to motion based gameplay elements. Of course, Microsoft was quick to the punch and shot that rumor down. However, this is where things got a little peculiar."

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Its pretty inevitable they're going to introduce one, this just backs the case up even more.

VegaShinra4464d ago

I agree with you. I think MS wants to try to keep it a secret. No reason to come out so strong if it is completely fake.

power of Green 4464d ago (Edited 4464d ago )

Depends which version of the rumors you wan't to believe. MSFT is shooting down rumors about the Motion control related to Banjo and Rare's involvment. There are Rumors about MSFT developing Motion tech in general.

From the little I read MSFT has denied the Rare/Banjo Motion rumors not the basic tech/controller rumors.

Versions of the rumor:

1) Rare is going to develope the Motion for MSFT and will be launched with Banjo which the game was supposedly going to pioneer the tech on the platform.

2) MSFT is going to launch motion...

One version of the rumor was denied, this post is ridiculous MSFT doesn't have to be trying to trick the industry with the motion issue, they can still launch their version of motion and it can still have nothing to do with Banjo.

Angelitos4464d ago

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JOLLY14464d ago (Edited 4464d ago )

and the only thing to cure that fever is angelitos using the term xbot more. It's actually impressive how many times he tried to fit it into his lame comment.

Angelitos4464d ago (Edited 4464d ago )

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juuken4464d ago guys use droid and Sony leg humpers so it's only fair that the favor is returned? xD

Shroomy4464d ago

What about Shroomy? :( Can I be an Xbot too pretty please!

On topic: If motion controller is true, I hope future titles incorporate both the standard and motion controller, not just one or the other. I wouldn't jump on the motion control bandwagon just yet.

JOLLY14464d ago

I don't use any of those. Sorry about your luck.

Bladestar4464d ago

juuken don't forget Sony Hermaphrodites... one of the wonders of the cell... when are you planning to conceive your own little Sonito leg humper?

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meepmoopmeep4464d ago

so much for the big E3 surprise MS

juuken4464d ago

Oh Microsoft, out with it already! You're creating a motion controller and you're implementing bluray! The temptation is too great!

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