What You Need To Know About The Great Urban Fantasy Series Persona

io9: "A few weeks ago you might have found some of your videogaming friends getting excited over a trailer for Persona 5. Confused as to what all the fuss was about? Here's a quick rundown of why you should consider getting into the weird world of this long-running game series."

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PoSTedUP2433d ago

i encourage everyone to give this franchise a go. its Life Changing. its like playing MGS1 for the first time: a fan for life.

ashen1222432d ago

I agree definitely give it a go when it comes out heck try p4/p4g if you haven't. and if you're religious don't worry there's nothing really offensive in these games just a good experience


Protagonist2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

For me it was Persona 3 Portable, such a beauteful story and gameplay. I do like P4G equally, it´s just that P3P did it for me first ;)

Been promoting and hyping the series for so many years, I like to think, that I play a part of the gained popularity.

PoSTedUP2429d ago

ditto! P3:P did it for me too, and i also feel like a part of the gained audience since it was relesed that has been promoting it. the older ones were good too, they just didnt have that certain charm that 3&4 did.

Protagonist2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

After P3:FES became available for the PS3, I had to buy it. But it just felt "broken", not being able to fully control the party during battle, missing the female protagonist (so cute) and not being able to meet Saori (such a sweet character) made me not want to play the game, plus the extra part in P3:FES kinda ruined the original story. It should just have have ended as in Persona 3 Portable. I know that people are missing the cutscenes from the original P3, but nothing is lost in P3P story wise. Yeah, for me P3P is the ultimate version.

PoSTedUP2429d ago

yep, i really agree. being able to control your whole party makes it feel like 3X the game, plus you feel more connected with them emotionally so its like 4X the game. the female protagonist is a big plus too. i like seeing the cutscenes bc it made certain parts feel more immersive, but its only a small loss imo considering the gain. P3:P was perfect considering the hardware, Atlus Really took advantage of every last drop and made up for the loss in every aspect they could. P4G on a handheld is on another level!

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