Hardcore Gamer review: The Order 1886

After almost two years of anticipation and endless hype, The Order: 1886 introduces itself with the bravado of a dead fish. With a premise interesting at surface level, enormous backing from Sony and technically incredible visuals, The Order seems like it would be a sure-fire hit. Tragically, however, it feels like a launch title fourteen months past its prime.

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nicksetzer12436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

"After almost two years of anticipation and endless hype, The Order: 1886 introduces itself with the bravado of a dead fish."

How is this relevant ro the review? Seems more like a "told you so" than a necessary part of a review.

This is no better than the reviews popping up that are basically saying "suck it haters, 8.9/10." Rather than giving meaningful reviews of their experience.

GMR_PR2436d ago

"Rudimentary gameplay, a poorly executed story and an unwelcoming visual palette make it come off as cold, uninspired and most importantly not all that fun. Perhaps Ready at Dawn bit off more than they could chew or Sony put more importance on the game than was really there, but this is not a killer app; it’s a demo disc for the PlayStation 4. "

ouch that is a little harsh.

SpaceRanger2436d ago

@nicksetzer I agree.

The game is nowhere near perfect, but at the same time I don't think it deserves the 1/5 or other ridiculously low ratings its been getting. Why? Because a good majority of them base the low ratings on stuff that hardly has any basis to their argument. Or they base the review of the game on minor detail that somehow have a heavy impact on rating of this game but not others.

One of the quotes in the article - "It’s clear Sony wants the game to be an event of Halo or Call of Duty proportions and it’s no surprise why: this is, again, Sony’s biggest PS4 exclusive since the console’s launch."

He warrants his assumptions of Sony's motives as fact, and forgets all the other major exclusives that have launched since the beginning of 2014. The rest of the article has both good points, and points that are hardly brought up with other game reviews.

"The Order: 1886 is arguably the most hyped game of the generation so far."
I'm sorry, but I'm pretty sure this game hardly got any hype in comparison to some of the "console sellers" of 2014.

TheGreatGamer2436d ago

I'd say anywhere between 2.5 and 3 / 5 seems to be a fair enough score for this game, while not the 5/5 amazeballs AAA exclusive some fanboys hyped it up to be, definitely worth a play through in my opinion

Neonridr2436d ago

it definitely seems like it's going to fall in the 6.5-7 range basically which means play it for yourself and decide.

Man-Eee-Faces2436d ago

yup..I have been saying the same thing for days now and hopefully my Gamefly disc comes in soon. Not worth $60 but a rental for a weekend of play is good enough.

llxKonanxll2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

I'm going to love playing this game. The only gripe I might have is the cover system with little visibility, but that's it. It's Ready At Dawns first wack at a AAA game and I honestly think they didn't do too bad. The sequel will be better. People are making this game out to be the best thing on the Ps4 when it's clearly not.

Neonridr2436d ago

a lot of PS4 owners were making this game out to be just that. In many of the articles leading up to its release.

Go back and look at the dozen or so articles that came out giving negative thoughts on the Order last week. And you will see how those people were attacked ferociously in the comments section.

That being said, this game is still one of those - try for yourself sort of games.

RIP_Cell2436d ago ShowReplies(2)
Fishermenofwar2436d ago

Its a flop because of the reviews?? What if it sells amazing?? Will it be a flop then?

Fro_xoxo2436d ago

It is only a flop in the imaginary console wars. In the real world, it'll probably do decent numbers enough to warrant a (better) sequel.

gamerfan09092436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

Kane and Lynch sold well as well see where that franchise is at. Most normal consumers don't read online sites. Sony has about 20 million PS4's in the wild, so it's concievable that this game could appeal to casuals the same way KZ shadowfall sold 2.5 million in a couple months and was returned in droves. Producing bad games leaves a bad taste in the consumers mouth. NBA Live used to destroy other games in sales and no one buys that game anymore. If this game sucks and 2 million people bought it and lets say 800k to a million of the consumers hated it why would they buy the sequel?

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