PS3 Game Backup Not Far - Team Xecuter

Teaxm Xecuter : "We've been playing with a PS3. Didn't take long to come up with a useful product - codenamed the HYPERDRIVE."


Connect any 3.5" SATA Hard Drive to the PS3
Developing ability to connect IDE hard drive
Supports upto 750GB (maybe more thats all we have here)
Switch between external HYPERDRIVE and internal 2.5" HDD
HYPERDRIVE USB2.0 Support to dump data to/from HDD

When you connect the system announces the drive requires formatting etc and then promptly begins to prep it. All system settings are unchanged so they are stored internally to the PS3 and not on the HDD.

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MicroGamer4362d ago

the hacker community is reacting to the PS3 in just the way I expected and Sony will not be able to do anything about it. Adding Linux was like taking the lock off the back door.

UrbanJabroni4362d ago (Edited 4362d ago )

I have no idea why the hell they did this. I understand they wanted to show "added value" and subvert taxes, but this will be the most hacked console in history.

How would you feel as a publisher if users can easily download roms and use emulators rather than paying for the download? How about simple availability of illegal Blu Ray downloads?

This will become a huge fiasco for Sony. Soldering and complicated firmwares are a huge barrier to entry for most potential hackers, if the PS3 develops, as I imagine it will, a simple Linux backdoor installation, I doubt "legal threats" or silly marketing campaigns will keep users from installing the hack.

Bill Nye4362d ago

This has nothing to do with Linux on the PS3.

MicroGamer4362d ago (Edited 4362d ago )

Why do you think they are adding bigger hard drives?? To make the PS3 more useful for all the games and 20GB Blu Ray movies they are about to start pirating.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4361d ago

Adding Linux was just a stab at MS and its operating system. Hoping to cash in on people who don’t support MS (Like Linux) but all they did was open the doors to hackers. This is not a good thing for the PS3 and I’m not a hater, I’m a realist. Just look at the pirating problem both systems had last time, its in all there interest to keep these systems closed. This is going to hurt the PS3 bad but not enough to end it (the PS3 will become the hacker’s paradise).

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Bill Nye4361d ago (Edited 4361d ago )

Yes, that's possible but the purpose of the Hyperdrive as they state is for extra storage for games (whether those be pirated or not). This functionality is independent of Linux on PS3.

hardwood20014361d ago

I'm not sure you understand console hacking...

Bill Nye4361d ago

His point was "Adding Linux was like taking the lock off the back door." And my point is that this article has nothing to do with Linux and the product they have simply extends the PS3's SATA and power connectors so that a larger hard drive can be hooked up. So, I would assume by saying Linux opened the back door you mean that Linux made it possible for their product? No idiots, this tool is independent of Linux and so is it's functionality. This isn't hacking. I'm not sure you understand console hacking...

DC RID3R4361d ago

no wonder kuturagi got the PUSH!!!


i can definately see the headlines now: "sony ps3 hacker, commits multiple online fraud!!"

just a matter of time. cheers ken

FirstknighT4361d ago

Well looks like I'll be buying a ps3 soon :)! I wont mod my 360 cuz I love the online features...the mod most likely will get detected...i wont use the ps3 for the online. But there is still no games for it...I'll wait for Virtual Fighter...hopefully by than the mod will be ready for me! :)

TheMART4361d ago

So you like to play illegal games?

Nice support for the format right. Good to see you're doing that on the PS3 format :)

Gh0stDrag0n4361d ago

There will be a rootkit on every PS3 Game and every Blu-Ray disk to try to combat won't work. The PS3 will have a new name...... Pirate Station 3.

The modder/hacker community will make Sony pay dearly for allowing an open source OS to be installed on the PS3.

Welcome change everyone with the Pirate Station 3, free games and movies for all!

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