IGN: Hancock Review

Hancock is an OK game. More variety in the missions and the bonus rounds would have helped a lot. The game is too short -- IGN finished it rather quickly for a game that costs over $5. There are achievements to unlock so you do get some replay value, but that's dependant on your overall enjoyment the first time around.

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mistertwoturbo5314d ago

Didn't even know there was a Hancock game lol.

Now I know why.

Imallvol75314d ago

Hancock has a game????? How did i not know this.

Does anyone ever take a second look these days? Step back and think, does this really need to be a videogame? "Press X to drink!"

Whoooop5314d ago

They scored Hancock better than HAZE...


RufustheSage5314d ago

Wow. . . a rushed Movie game gets a better score. Damn, now I gotta rent this game just to see how awful it is.

PR0F3TA5314d ago

how the hell do you RENT a Mobile game?

you guys need to learn to read, seriously

juuken5314d ago

There was a Hancock game?

Bladestar5314d ago

Yep.. and it scored better than Haze... LOL!

juuken5314d ago

And I wasn't asking about Haze! Lol!

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