Citizens Of Earth Is Completely Broken On The Nintendo 3DS

A Short Pause staff member has spent quite a bit of time playing through developer Eden Industries' quirky RPG, Citizens of Earth. Despite featuring a cast of wacky characters, funny dialogue, and wonderful art, Citizens of Earth is held back by a plethora of frustrating technical issues, bad enough to the point where they are unable to review it at this time.

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GokuSolosAll2165d ago

Pretty broken on Vita, too. Also boring and aimless feeling with a dash of try-hard. Still charming if awkward. Not worth $15 but Vita takes what it gets...

tanukisuit2165d ago

How bad is it on the Vita? I bought it when Sony was offering the 10% discount, and I haven't gotten around to it yet...

Damn, now I have buyer's remorse, lol.

TheDude792164d ago

I'm playing it on the Vita and I haven't run into any crashes yet. I'm also nowhere near where the author is in terms of the story, so that could change the more I progress. Based on forums and a few reviews, it sounds like this is more of a problem on the Wii U and 3DS at this time.


Thanks for the update, we are looking forward to that patch so Bender can finish his review!

Thryhring2165d ago

The developer posted on their facebook page earlier today that they've sent the Wii U and 3DS version patches to Nintendo for approval.

I wanted to play this on the 3DS but decided to hold off until it was patched, so hopefully it won't be too long now.

contradictory2165d ago

i think everyone should just consider the PC version because this game can be ran on an potato.. it's not that great of an game to begin with tbh, i kinda dislike the graphics and the majority of the music is just... mehhhh...

VA is pretty good in some instances though

SilentNegotiator2164d ago

That sucks. This is the sort of game I'd want to play on my 3DS. Hopefully the patches fix it.