The Order: 1886 is Short, but that’s Not Necessarily a Bad Thing

There's more to the quality of a game than its length.

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WelkinCole2899d ago

Now suddenly 8-11hrs is short.

Relientk772899d ago

Exactly, seems fine to me

uth112899d ago

Seems like a decent length.

I don't have all the time in the world to play games, so I find games with a 20hr or more length a turn-off. I don't want to start a game I'll probably never get around to finishing


8-11 Hours was on "Hard" I thought... Not everybody plays a game first time on "Hard", usually Normal lol

Death2899d ago

8-11 is not short. The article references the 5 hour play through that didn't skip cut scenes and dialog which took up about half the time. If the vid is accurate the game is 2.5 hours long with an additional 2.5 hours of cut scenes to watch. There are reports of people getting a platinum trophy in 9 hours. This included all the time it took to search for all the collectibles. Not everyone spends time trophy hunting. This is why people are calling the game short.

I agree though, we should wait and see what others complete the game in if length is important to you. We don't all play with the same skill level and some of us need more time to do the same things.

aRTCy2899d ago

I get the feeling that those who are finishing the game in that short amount of time weren't really interested in playing it to begin with. I'm mean if your interested in a game and it's content would you really speed through it?

Death2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

Would I? No. I like to explore and find things in games that many people miss. That doesn't mean everyone does this though. The Order's reliance on cut scenes makes it so people that typically rush have to experience the full story since they can't be skipped. From the looks of it the Order is also very linear without side quests that can be skipped to rush the game.

As of right now I plan on getting the game on Friday. If the reviews confirm it is as short as some are claiming I may just wait for a price drop though. I get "rushing" through a game, but at the same time it doesn't really sound like you can rush through the Order like most games. The only thing that seems to prolong the experience is looking for collectibles and I'm not sure if I like that as a way to add play time.

LamerTamer2899d ago

Yes 8-11 hours is short for a SP campaign especially with all of the cutscenes. You could easily beat it in two sessions without even trying that hard. By the time you get into it, it is over.

A minimum length for these should be 15 hours and best at around 25. I an playing DA:I and 8 hours was just the beginning part.

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ArchangelMike2899d ago

"There's more to the quality of a game than it's length" Truer words have ne'er been spoken on N4G!

The funny thing is The Order - as short as it is, will be thoroughly enjoyed by millions of gamers, who won't care one bit about how long or short it is.

Aloy-Boyfriend2899d ago

The atmosphere, the theme, the story, and overall quality of the game seems to good to pass.

Aloy-Boyfriend2899d ago

Not sure about the disagrees. In case you misunderstood, i meant I will get the game because the atmosphere, theme, and story seem too good to ignore.

WeAreLegion2899d ago

It's a major exclusive. Disagrees are flying all over these articles. It happens with every exclusive.

Yaay4me2899d ago

The disagrees are stealth trolls. They dont like the Order, and they got nothing else to do than hate on games they cant play.

Kurisu2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

Remember Heavenly Sword on PS3? It got stick for being short, but personally it was one of my favourite PS3 games. Not saying that The Order will be one of my favourite games, but I'll play it and then judge.

WelkinCole2899d ago

I got my PS3 late so I played it late. It was a short game though with no collectible items and such that I can remember. I think I beat it on normal at around the 4 hr mark. The thing is though I tend tp beat games faster than most as I am use to very very hard games.

However, man that 4 hrs was just sublime. The cinematic and voice acting alone was worth the price of admission.

Kurisu2899d ago

Yeah, the game was directed very well. Short but sweet!

El_Assenso2899d ago

Heavenly Sword! That games was and still is so awesome. I for one would love to see Sony make a sequel/prequel to the game.

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