Pandora’s Tower, Sin & Punishment: Star Successor Getting Digital Wii U Release In Japan Next Month

Nintendo is bringing some of their unique Wii games to Wii U in the next few weeks starting with Zangeki no Reginleiv. Developed by Earth Defense Force creators Sandlot, the game makes use of Wii MotionPlus to slash limbs off giants.

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Loadedklip2005d ago

Do you like/love Star Fox and Kid Icarus Uprising?

If so ... get Sin & Punishment: Star Successor.

You can thank me later.

shaw982005d ago

I never played it. I remember seeing it on store shelves once. Nintendo has surprisingly a ton of new i.p's but people just fail to notice them and only look at there more popular franchises. If people supported Nintendo and making new ip's they would support games like this, Xenoblade, Splatoon, etc.

Loadedklip2005d ago

The reason people think Nintendo doesn't make other IPs is because the sales of Mario platformer, Kart, Smash, Pokemon for example are just so great that it overshadows nearly everything else.

And the reason they make so many Marios and Pokemon games is the same reason Sony makes so many Uncharted games (5 in 8 years)... they sell.

The more a franchise sells, the more you generally are going to get said franchise.

Still with that said ... no single publisher has more successful IPs than Nintendo does.

MSBAUSTX2005d ago

Sin and Punishment is not a new IP. First one came out on N64 in Japan.

Kalebninja2004d ago

what's wrong with these two games? both are downright amazing and pandora' tower is highly underrated.

wonderfulmonkeyman2004d ago

The only real issue present is with Pandora's Tower, actually.

There's a glitch near the end of the game where trying to enter the towers will instantly freeze the entire console, and no patch has been delivered to fix it.

If that glitch persists in the re-release, it's going to be a big disappointment...

kakashi812005d ago

Want sin and punishment.

MSBAUSTX2005d ago

I still own my wi hard copy. It is very very good. If you like shooters and Japanese style you will love it. It is hard though.

lizard812882005d ago

Pandora’s Tower is great! I bought it twice, the JPN version and the US release....years later. It is under-rated.

Sin & Punishment: Star Successor I played a bit of, but never beat it. I'll pick it up again, if they are going to continue the $9 sale.

ChickeyCantor2004d ago

Pandoras Tower is pretty messed up. Love it.

Zulehan2004d ago

If Pandora's Tower ever gets released here in the NA eShop, I hope that the 'game breaking' glitch fans talk about gets patched for that version.

Also, I would love to get Sin & Punishment. I was already considering buying the $20 or so Wii copy to use on Wii U with my classic controller, but if it came out digitally for $10 on the first week I might just opt for the digital copy instead.

I would be interested in getting Zangeki no Reginleiv, as well, but when it comes to Wii games I much prefer 'traditional' controllers (such as the classic controller). However, if I correctly understand, that game would not accept the classic controller but the pro classic controller, which makes me frown, heh.

Venox20082004d ago

I love that Sin Punishment game on Wii.. I recommend it a lot

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The story is too old to be commented.