IGN: "Why We Love The Order's Length"

Marty Sliva writes: "The new era of Podcast Beyond begins now. Hosts Max Scoville and Marty Sliva are joined by Brian Altano and Jared Petty. Yes, things get as silly as you expect.

We talk about why we're excited that The Order errs on the short side, how hopeful we are about the Assassin's Creed movie, and offer up our idea for a gritty Gex reboot. Oh, also, we debut a brand-new segment.

Until next week…BEYOND!"

LOL_WUT3383d ago

I haven't listened to the podcast yet but i'm willing to bet once the review process starts they'll find something else to nitpick like that one Pokemon game review... ;)

Rimeskeem3383d ago (Edited 3383d ago )

I can see it now


Too much black water

Kevlar0093383d ago

9.9 for best facial hair

-0.1 because 5 seconds too short

Dee_913382d ago


My gaming chair smells like farts


FarEastOrient3382d ago

-0.5 for trailers having preorder at the end.

tekksin3382d ago (Edited 3382d ago )

@FarEastOrient, ign isn't going - down - the - pooper - game - trailers. They don't let trivial things manage their perspectives like that joke of a bunch do.

Brandon Jones is the only thing on that site worth anything because of his incredibly soothing and articulate voice. ....I enjoy it as much as you think, I guess.

thereapersson3382d ago (Edited 3382d ago )

How most outlets will review the game:

-1 point for having a cohesive, well thought out story that isn't a massive jumble of ridiculous improbably survivable Hollywood set pieces ala Call of Duty.

-1 point for the developers being confident enough to own up to the fact that the game is meant to be a cinematic storytelling experience first and foremost, utilizing an AAA budget to provide as much polish as a feature-length film.

-1 point for not catering to every single gamer taste under the sun all at once with an open world and not being afraid to create what is effectively a niche gaming experience.

-1 point for lack of an uninspired, generic multiplayer mode that is only tacked on to appease the longevity freaks and is nothing that we haven't seen before, despite lambasting the single player campaign gameplay for being "unoriginal" and calling out for a multiplayer mode to flesh out the game's potential entertainment value.

Final score:

6/10 (being generous because we like the hipster moustache / steampunk aspect and because the graphics are pretty.)

OB1Biker3382d ago

First review already said 'too much cinematic'
I can see the trend on many reviews even though its supposed to be a fundamental of the game

lociefer3382d ago

- game too linear , we need everything to be open world even if it dosent make sense

-we already downplayed it at previews, we must keep our pride and not give it a fair score

- hard difficulty is hard

- trophies break the immersivness of the game

- i didnt have my morning coffe, so -.5 points

AndrewLB3382d ago Show
gamertk4213382d ago

My girlfriend touches on length and other pressing issues.

ion6663382d ago

@AndrewLB too funny I pissed myself. So so true

KiwiViper853382d ago


Hilarious, perfectly timed.

chrismichaels043382d ago (Edited 3382d ago )

If some people want to speedrun this game in 5 hours...thats on them. I plan on taking my time an actually enjoying everything the campaign has to offer.

solid_snake36563382d ago


"Facial hair doesn't blow in the wind"


Unspoken3382d ago (Edited 3382d ago )


Thank you so much for posting that. That video is so true.

Oh, and length matters.

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DarXyde3383d ago

I think it'll be in IGN's "Okay" range, personally.

They gave some interesting reasons, one of which was my big one: I totally get people wanting bang for their buck, but no one is offering to pay more for longer games but complain when a game is too short.

Question is...what is worth $60 in terms of length?

I don't know, but I wanted to post this to try and clear the air of negative vibes coming from the length. I think, while short, it's meant to be a cinematic experience, as indicated by the black bars, soundtrack, production quality, linearity, QTEs, unskippable cutscenes, and yes, tapered length. A good movie knows when to end rather than drag it out.

We don't have to like it or even buy it, but I respect the developer's vision enough to let them do as they do. :0)

_LarZen_3382d ago

Bubbles for you good sir!

morganfell3382d ago (Edited 3382d ago )

"I totally get people wanting bang for their buck"

Can you define bang?

Edit: I agree with your comments but the definition of bang is at the heart of the matter.

rdgneoz33382d ago

"A good movie knows when to end rather than drag it out."

And that is exactly what the last Alien game was criticized for. It was a great game, but the ending just dragged on and on by several hours.

DarXyde3382d ago


By "bang" I mean substance. And by substance, I mean things to do in game. To reiterate, "I totally get people wanting more things to do in game for their money". This is not aimed at The Order: 1886, but it serves as a general statement regarding any game. We all want enough to do in our games to justify the cost. Unless you're pressed for time or have other games to play, the more the better. Not specifically campaign length, but whatever extends the life of a game.

morganfell3382d ago

I do disagree on that because things to do doesn't necessarily translate to bang. Ask anyone that spent time in Assassins Creed collecting feathers. With the movie analogy you are correct and that is what I want. I want to forget I am in a game. I want to be immersed and transported to another place, another time. I want to be thinking about that game for more than 5 minutes when it ends. I want to be invested in the characters and their fate. Bang is different for various people but with the movie analogy it isn't about things to do but about the existence in the place where the expereince takes you.

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360ICE3383d ago

I love how the Pokémon review is being held up as a universal example of nitpicking and illegitimate arguments.

People will say things like "Of course there's water and many water Pokémon. It's set in an island region"

Yeah. It being set to an island region is part of the problem then, according to the reviewer.

Never mind that having a Pikachu makes you overpowered through 80% of the game, this game's fictional setting is supposed to have an exact amount of water!

Poor whoever wrote that review.

Anyway, I agree with IGN on this. Journey was short, but worth pretty much all the money I could throw at it.

Nitrowolf23382d ago

I remember a review for Little Big Planet that one of the cons and markdowns was it had too much content

360ICE3381d ago

Good thing they added water later on or we'd never see an end to this meme.

joab7773382d ago

This is a great point. Why aren't we clamoring to pay more for games that we play for 1000 hrs. Or even 100 hrs? Should we pay a $1/hr. So 120 for DA and 10 for The Order?

Guess what happens then. Less time is spent in vision and more on time filler.