World Wide Shortage of PS4 Controllers

Earlier today, we were tipped off by a reader that there seems to be a shortage of PlayStation 4 controllers not only in Australia, but around the globe.

With the PS4 again residing at the top of the most sold consoles category as per NPD stats. With over 18.5 million consoles sold worldwide, it comes to no surprise that they have run dry of controllers to give to consumers.

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nicksetzer12441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

IDK, seems fine in my local stores, and online, (even the more obscure colors are stocked) so I would assume US is not part of the "world" based on this story.

Then again, this article contains absolutely no indication of being true and is based on a readers comment...

GrathiusXR2441d ago

We called up multiple EB games and jb stores whoch sell consoles and controllers, and they told us they had been notified of a shortage of all colours as no store had more then 2 or 3 of each colour with some not having any.

They don't have anything on order in the system either. Apparently online stores though have stock but again, who knows. Obviously we can't post pictures of companies internal systems with the information.