Boll Challenges Critics to Fight

Back in February Uwe Boll revealed to that he hoped to give his many critics a chance to appear in his next videogame adaptation, Postal: "I'm in the movie - Uwe Boll will play a minor part. I get killed by my 'Boll haters'." He also stated that he'd be happy for the Boll haters to play themselves.

It turns out Boll is a man of his words. In a press release titled "Uwe Boll challenges his critics to 'Put up or shut up!'", Boll states: "I'm fed up with people slamming my films on the Internet without see[ing] them. Many journalists make value judgments on my films based on the opinions of one or two thousand Internet voices. Half of those opinions come from people who've never watched my films."

Boll now challenge his critics to a fight - as in, an actual, physical fight.

"Towards the end of the filming of Postal the five most outspoken critics will be flown into Vancouver and supplied with hotel rooms," the press release states.

"As a guest of Uwe Boll they will be given the chance to be an extra/stand-in in Postal and have the opportunity to put on boxing gloves and enter a BOXING RING to fight Uwe Boll.

"Each critic will have the opportunity to bring down Uwe in a 10-bout match. There will be five matches planned over the last two days of the movie. Certain scenes from these boxing matches will become part of the Postal movie. All five fights will be televised on the Internet and will be covered by international press."

However there are a few rules for entry: first of all, you must be a man weighing between 140 and 190 pounds (63.5 kg - 86 kg). Secondly, you must have "posted on the Internet or have written in magazines/newspapers at least two extremely negative articles in the year 2005."

If you're eligible to enter you need to submit proof of your negative articles to [email protected]

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Arsenic136198d ago

kill him,Make him Bleed!!!!. i hate him may he burn inthe depts of hell. i saw house,rayne and alone they had notin to do wit games. they suck!.
those critics better get some steroids,and mess him up.

Go to farcry on imdb and sign up petition stop farcry movie from being made by him

Cyclonus6198d ago

if you dont like Uwe Boll, DONT PAY TO SEE HIS MOVIES, and he'll dry up and blow away.

Videogame movies = bad already. Videogame movies + Uwe Boll = Satan's excrement. X_x

If everyone just REFUSED to buy tickets/DVDs from Uwe Boll, Paul WS Anderson, Brett Ratner etc, Hollywood would be a much better place.

6198d ago
Lucidmantra6197d ago

LMFAO... train wreck... Hell I would sit and listen to a train wreck sound effect and be riveted.

Cyclonus6198d ago (Edited 6198d ago )

In making AVP, Paul(Without Skill)Anderson, single-handedly turned two of the best genre characters in movie history into,at best, B-movie wrestlers.'Aliens' and 'Predator' were PERFECT films, IMO,and Anderson FUBARed em' to hell.

PS360PCROCKS6198d ago

I dont know who this guy is but hey I hope he gets his ass kicked, lol

Lucidmantra6197d ago

Did he make Boogie Nights... LOL. Be glad you haven't seen Uwe's college experiments in filmmaking that he gets paid to much for and people destory good game names with. They are horrible and the scars don't go away... Not even Watching the Loken chic in leather for 90 mins was worth it. They make Daredevil look like an outstanding comic movie.

PS360PCROCKS6197d ago

oh god he made dare devil? that was the lamest movie ever, I wanted to choke myself

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