Todd McFarlane Says Yes To Spawn’s Inculsion in Mortal Kombat X

Todd Mcfarlane, in an interview with GamerFitnation.com's Tamika Moultrie, told us that he has already said "yes" to the Mortal Kombat X Spawn inclusion. The catch is that there's a window of time they will have to use him before he is pulled off the table. Still, we believe it's safe to say that Mortal Kombat X Spawn will likely happen. If you need more confirmation, watch our interview with Todd Mcfarlane.

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gangsta_red3440d ago

I mean this is cool and all but...when has Spawn been relevant, especially to these new kids around here who haven't lived through the 90's and experienced Image comics.

Spawn fits nicely with the other MK combatants but I wish Boon could get someone a little bit more popular.

I never understood the popularity of Spawn let alone what the heck he could.


I understand your point but trust it will be fine

Redinfamy3440d ago

It is just like Black Panther and Dead Pool, the comic book fans - yes the popularity was there but for the masses no. Now for mainstream the companies learned to do the mainstream effect. Both are now getting the movie treatment so the mass can become fans. Todd has shared his plans with the character that answers your concerns in the interview

gangsta_red3440d ago

Deadpool is way more popular than Spawn is, especially today. Deadpool is just as popular as Wolverine. Black Panther has a huge role in the current Marvel Universe so yes Marvel would want to push that character because he has been apart of some major story lines.

Spawn had a good following in the 90's but really fell off after that.

I'm not mad that Boon and Co. are looking to add this character and maybe Boon has been a fan since age wise he would know about Spawn a lot more than some younger cats but from a wide audience view it just seems like a strange choice.

I mean if we are going to get spawn why not Vampirella, Lady Death or Evil Ernie?

-Lawless-3440d ago

In a way isn't that same core crowd that would remember spawn the same ones who have come to love the MK Franchise so much? Though I see your point, Spawn is relevant to a certain audience, but to the new generation not so much, however when you consider Freddy Kruger in the last game, it's actually pretty much the same.

The real slasher movie genre has been dead for awhile now, and I doubt the new kids really knew who Wes Craven was or even about Nightmare on Elm Street.

Nowadays usually Guest Characters are just a clever way to promote something anyway and they aren't really there due to a popularity vote. Freddy had a new movie in the works when he was revealed in MK9.

MvC3's roster of Marvel Characters was...disappointing; to me anyway, (save for X-23 & Deadpool), but if you look closely at the roster you will realize that almost all of Marvel's side pretty much is catering to the movie verse while if you look at the old versus games such as MvC2 it was more about comic book favorites more than anything.

Spawn is likely getting some kind of movie or...something to give it a push into the mainstream and this is a perfect opportunity to promote that. Personally I don't mind Spawn being in the game he fit the mold just as much as Kratos did.

Silly gameAr3440d ago

I believe Spawn is getting a new TV show and Todd Mcfarland is in the talks for a new movie. I guess MKX would be a way to gauge popularity for Spawn or interest, if there is anymore.

problemchild843440d ago

Yeah Spawn is getting a new animated series similar to the HBO one from a while back, though I guess this new series isn't a continuation of the HBO show.

I for one love Spawn and would be glad to see him in Mortal Kombat X, I never really got into DC or Marvel much but I loved Image Comics for being more maturely written and for the insane amount of detail put into the artwork.

Muzikguy3440d ago

I loved the Spawn movie. It may be cheesy, but I thought it was great. I love the story behind it and also the 3 animated films. Never read the comics. I was thinking the other day how it's a shame there really is no such thing as comics anymore. Many things that used to define a time are gone :/

Xb1ps43440d ago

Deadpool is more popular than spawn?!

You're crazy...

Anyway, a scary spawn movie sounds amazing, make it happen Todd! Bring spawn back!

iceman063440d ago

Your point is why Spawn would be AWESOME for MK. For those nostalgiac 30 somethings, it's great, and for those that know little to nothing about him, it's an education. It could prove to be a launching point to bring Spawn back to the forefront. Many of today's biggest movies came from franchises that had supposedly run their courses. Not many people were checking for Thor. The Wolf Among Us brought more people into Fable. Hell, many people didn't even know that The Hunger Games existed before the movies were made.
Point being...Spawn is a cool enough character on his own to get attention from those that DON'T know him. For those that do, it's just icing on the cake.

Redinfamy3440d ago

Deadpool was not as popular was not as popular as he is now (key in on those words and take out being a comic book fan) the same story goes for BP. They are popular now because of what marvel has done on a mainstream level to get the masses behind them. So when you say the characters name anyone would know who they are regardless of if they're read or looked at any type of media on them.

gangsta_red3439d ago

You really think Deadpool is popular because Marvel pushed him on a mainstream level? Sorry that is not true, Deadpool was featured in one movie and he was no where near as he is portrayed in comics besides running his mouth. Take it as a semi comic fan, Deadpool is popular because of his comic and his unique comedy the same way Lobo was for his extreme violence in the 90's.


"Who the hell cares if they add a character that is new, relevant and popular if you already like Spawn."

I like Spawn (sort of) but it makes no sense to push a character that hasn't been popular since the 90's. Now if they are giving him a new show or movie then I can understand but just throwing him in for no reason makes little sense especially for kids or even adults who are not aware of him.

"You know how comic characters and books got popular and found relevance in the current world? The inclusion in new media."

I don't think that is entirely true, they got popular because they were big in the comic world. You think Wolverine became popular because of the movies? Or Superman or Batman? They were always the top stars of their companies and pushed first because they have a huge fan base.

Image tried their media route with a Youngblood, Wildcats cartoon and Spawn cartoon plus movie...all failed. They found more success and popularity in the comic world.

kevinsheeks3440d ago

I don't know why you got so many disagrees, spawn is kind of . . .what's a good word?

LAWSON723439d ago (Edited 3439d ago )

People disagree because his argument makes no sense. Who the hell cares if they add a character that is new, relevant and popular if you already like Spawn. Whether he is popular does not mean crap to those who like him. You know how comic characters and books got popular and found relevance in the current world? The inclusion in new media.

CarlosX3603438d ago

Nah, it'll be fine. Bring on Spawn!

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ravens523440d ago

Im down wit spawn. Who ever isn't is crazy he does fit perfectly. We have some new comers for the new comers let's get some vets for these vets.

TekKing3440d ago

No thanks. He was already in SC2 and was garbage.

Kyosuke_Sanada3440d ago

Well they could have used the comic version but then............everyone else would have been pretty much........dead.

KaoSouL3440d ago

I think most MKX players will be in their 30's and be fully aware of who Spawn is. This is awesome news and make way more sense than Freddy Kruger.