Telltale Games Looking to Build Next-Gen Online Technology on PS4, Xbox One and… Television?

Telltale Games, the studio behind the fantastic The Walking Dead, Back to the Future and Game of Thrones episodic games may be branching out a little further than most game developers.

Most of their episodic titles have made their way onto just about every platform able to play them, including Android and iOS devices, but now it looks like the California-based studio could be spreading their reach even further.

A new job posting from the company for a Client Network Engineer mentions something rather interesting; building Telltale Games’ technology to “challenging” platforms such as Xbox One, PS4, Mobile and TV. Yes. Television.

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Mikefizzled1337d ago (Edited 1337d ago )

Their games have been stellar but the increasing lack of improvement in technical quality is worrying. Load times, save bugs and graphical issues should have been ironed out on their engine by now. As mentioned on a podcast if the Minecraft game has graphical troubles its a major concern.

WizzroSupreme1337d ago

If Telltale goes the way of television, then they finally will be AMC.

rawrock1337d ago

I just want a Walking Dead season 3!

Maxor1337d ago

This engine is getting old fast.

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