HoloLens' Tsunoda played new Fable build;Game won’t release before it’s “as perfect as it can be”

Microsoft Xbox’s creative director Kudo Tsunoda is currently working on the new HoloLens that was unveiled last month. It now seems that the creative developer has paid a visit to Lionhead Studios to play and test the upcoming Fable Legends.

For those who are hoping for a quick release of the game – we may have to disappoint you as it would seem the game isn't releasing soon.

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AngelicIceDiamond1338d ago

Late Q4 or possible early 2016.

That's fine as long as the game is super polished and fun. The game was kinda meh from what I last heard.

VER1ON1338d ago

We played the game at last Gamescom as the Heroes and found the game pretty fun. Can't tell for how long though.

Septic1338d ago

Well the cross play with Pc feature made me a little bit more excited for this but I'm still weary about the formula for this game.

Tbh, I'd rather have a Fable MMO or traditional Fable game but ah well. Let's see what they come up with.

Mr Pumblechook1338d ago

With Fable Legends the gameplay has switched from single-player RPG to a PvP type game not unlike Evolve. I think this would have been a great spin-off game if Lionhead were making a Fable 4, but as it stands I'm personally pining for more of that single player experience.

christocolus1338d ago (Edited 1338d ago )


I totally agree. This game needs to be the best it can be. No need to rush the devs.see what happened to Halo MCC. I'm i'm glad now that Phils in charge. having a developer as the head of the division can only mean good things for gamers. Ted Price from insomniac and Ralph Fulton of playground studios have stated on numerous occasions how wonderful it is to work with Phil and the team.

Will Hololens be used in Fable Legends? playing the villain with Hololens would be kinda cool. something like PVZs boss mode. cant wait to pick the game up though. its one of the titles i'm looking forward to.

VER1ON1338d ago

Using the HoloLens in a game like this would be a very nice addition "dance puppets, dance"

4Sh0w1338d ago (Edited 1338d ago )

"Will Hololens be used in Fable Legends?"

-No, Tsunoda is working with HoloLens which the headline notes but he was just commenting on his experience with Fable Legends after visiting Lionhead studio.

-Fable Legends is due out this year, and I think its waaay too early to assume we'll see any HoloLens supported games before late 2016 with nothing known or announced gaming related.

traumadisaster1337d ago (Edited 1337d ago )

What could they possibly be doing for that length of time, 2 years? What is there 3 people full time?

I swear these guys play games all day and get no work done...

ScorpiusX1338d ago

Would be cool if Fable Legends were shipped with some Hololens features to be used later on when hololens is released.

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