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The real issue is not The Order: 1886's short playtime, but the value for money balance

MWEB GameZone writes: "A game can be long and terrible, or short and excellent. It's a balancing act with the result of giving the customer value for money.

And that is the heart of the problem.

So far, the message we're getting is that The Order:1886 does not give the player value for money."

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Community1430d ago
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vishmarx1430d ago ShowReplies(11)
llxKonanxll1430d ago

This game is getting alot of flak, simply because it's a PS4 title.

HanCilliers1430d ago

I disagree, there are valid concerns, people should just wait before they pre-order to hear from proper reviewers. It might all be a storm in a teacup, but better safe than sorry.

formerXboxgamer1430d ago

So what determines "proper" reviews? IGN? Gamespot? I'll never trust the former, lol.

360ICE1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

Whichever reviewer you trust. For me, it's Gamesradar and Gamereactor. Sometimes I like to check the Metacritic score too.

abstractel1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

So what determines value? Quantity? I prefer Quality. I'll buy a 6 hour game if it's as good as say Ico (which at $50 was nowhere near as expensive to make and was extremely slow paced). The production values alone on this title, and my love for the artstyle, is making me take the leap of faith day 1.

They could have padded the gameplay time by having you run around in the same area 15 times collecting trinkets, or extended gameplay time by just throwing wave after wave of enemies at you in the same arenas. That might have hurt the flow of the story quite a bit. But they would have had the quantity check from all you simple-minded people out there.

If you want to trust other people's voices rather than your own intuition, that's up to you. If you are just not interested in the way it looks, that's fine too. No one is forcing you to like it.

Plus the review embargo is up on Thursday. Tell me the last time a triple A title actually had reviews out before its release? It's been a loooong time.

Re-versed1430d ago

what a clearly idiotic personality you are my friend...You buy your xbox games based on someone far away that tells you what you should like or not??

360ICE1430d ago

Most reviewers don't tell you what you should or shouldn't like. They tell you what they like, and explain why. Through reviews I can often figure out if I'm gonna like the game myself or not. Not always, but fairly often.

And it's ok to not be able to string together sentences, but if you're gonna call people idiots for no reason, you should at least have your grammar in order.

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bjshepp1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

If that were the case, Uncharted 4, Infamous SS, Bloodborne and Until Dawn would've been getting the same level of flack that the Order has been recieving since E3. Get over yourself. The majority of complaints surrounding this game are coming from Sony fans with valid concerns that were actually interested in purchasing the game.

I'm getting sick of these strawman arguments from fanboys on both sides who downplay any type of criticism towards an exclusive title of a platform they own.

Judge games for their content. Not on which system they're on.

The_Sage1430d ago

I'm curious to see if the other games that you have listed will start getting a much flack as they near release. Second Son is already out, so we'll have to keep an eye on the others.

raymantalk11430d ago

i agree with llxKonanxll you dont see this kind of attacks on MS exclusive games why is that ? well it could be that most of the sites out there are getting finance or incentives from MS to do these sort of articles before MS came to the console market this sort of thing very rarely went on.


Yesssss....there's alot of people who are pissed that sony is in the position they're in with the ps4. The haters know deep inside this is THE KILLER APP,THE LIKES WHICH HAS NEVER BEFORE BEEN SEEN ON A CONSOLE,and they want it to fail.

marlinfan101430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

Do you not remember the hate that ryse got? Titanfall? The xbox in general for the entire first year? All you guys seriously need to stop playing this victim card. It's not because it's playstation, its because journalist see how many clicks these articles bring, plain and simple. Plus, theyre valid concerns. Who the hell wants to play a 5 hr long game? (Which is what the rumor is) If a SP only game was coming out on xbox and was rumored to be 5 hrs long, I guarantee the same people defending the order would be in the articles saying the same stuff being said now. Just go back and look at old titanfall articles, there's people defending the order being single player that were in those old articles saying TF should've been $30 cause it was MP only. Stuff like that went on for months, literally

spicelicka1430d ago

Yep, this is literally the same thing that Ryse got for having QTE's and Titanfall got for being multiplayer only. It goes both ways.

In the end, fanboys will be insecure and blame other fanboys, journalists will use click bait articles and headlines, and normal people's voices will be lost in a sea of madness.

SKullDugger1429d ago

No its getting a lot of flak because of the hype and the Devs and SONY fanboys pushing its agenda...

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Rimeskeem1430d ago

Here's an idea, if you think the game isnt worth you money, dont buy it.

HanCilliers1430d ago

Spot on, but what determines value for money?

Rimeskeem1430d ago

I mean, i bought Uncharted and that was totally worth my money. played a solid 45 hours just to find collectibles and play and more difficulties and look around.

nucky641430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

what determines "valued for money?" - it's how much a person enjoys something. I'm getting the order and know exactly why. from every preview, I'm very interested in the story and lore they've created. the weapons look cool and sound awesome. I like having real characters from history in the game as well. also, the freedom to SELL THE GAME myself takes away the risk.

I don't see the big problem. and anyways, we're not talking about buying a 30,000 dollar vehicle - we're talking about spending 60 dollars. my advice is anyone who considers that a lot of money shouldn't be spending it on games to begin with.

ShadowWolf7121430d ago

Your own preference. There's no set scale. If you think a game was worth $60, and you enjoy it, then you spent your money well.

But if we wanna go the movie route, you pay $20 for a 2 hour (or less) movie, so really a game at around 6 hours would be a balanced money trade.

There are all kinds of standards that people can adhere to, but in the end it comes down to the individual's enjoyment, I suppose.

spicelicka1430d ago

You determine it for yourself.

Re-versed1430d ago

some random idiot who reviews the game for you i guess?huh im right?

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NeverHeavyMan1430d ago

Regarding The Order: 1886's current internet situation, this is about as reasonable as it can get, really. I'm not knocking anyone with genuine concerns, but it does feel like each new article about this game is a re-hash/re-do of a previous one.

Because the reviews for won't really sway me (I'm buying it regardless of their input), I'm not in this category, but if you're truly worried about quality/length/what have you, the wait for reviews (which I believe will be in on Wednesday) isn't much longer.

OB1Biker1430d ago

Spot on
All these 'concern' articles are even more pointless since reviews will be up in a couple of day and people who feel 'concerned' and not confident to buy the game will of course check out the reviews or watch live streams (a shame if they spoil it themselves by watching instead of playing though)

Same for me though, I m not waiting for biased reviews and I think this game is just what I want , story driven linear TPS to give me a great ride (probably a few replays too)

lord zaid1430d ago

This sounds overly simple, but it really isn't. This is practically sage advice right here. If something feels too expensive, then don't buy it.

The_Sage1430d ago

Well said. That would be my advice. ;)

Saijahn1430d ago

The only problem with that is nobody will know for sure if the game is worth buying until they actually buy it and play it. There's no demo, so you're either going to blind buy it or trust a reviewer.

kstap331430d ago

No one should trust a single reviewer. Read a few to give yourself an idea of the positives and negatives before buying.

Saijahn1430d ago

that's a bit of a task to handle considering any criticism's or praise have been deemed fanboyism.

A guy showed an entire playthrough of the game and all it's like hell has broken loose because the truth is out.

Me personally, I still plan on picking it up as the story seems to be getting some good critique. I'm not sure if this game will hit the bargain bin any time soon so I'll probably get a used copy with 26% off in a couple weeks or whenever gamestop has it used. (10% pro discount + 16% promo code)

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plut0nash1430d ago

What if this game turns out good despite being short? :) Hmmm. Sometimes I dislike having access to so much info on the internet.

WelkinCole1430d ago

Then it will be like Heavenly Sword.

Clown_Syndr0me1430d ago

In that case for me it's a definite rent. I can't afford to buy a game that will last me only days. Unless I resell it immediately after finishing it, which is a possibility.

vikingland11430d ago

I see it like this, if I like the game then it's worth the price ( I've prepaid for it already). If there is no replay value I will trade it in for around $40.00 so I end up paying $20.00 to play a fun game. I pay more than $20.00 to watch a movie thats usually only 90 minutes long at a theater. No big deal.

ThatOneRiggaNob1430d ago

Then it will just be a good short game but some people will still think that it's not worth $60.

SKullDugger1429d ago

How do you or anyone else know if its any good or not. The reviews at least give a direction to form a opinion towards to purchase or not. No review is fool proof. But I like some idea if a game is worth the investment or not IMO.

ThatOneRiggaNob1429d ago

I don't know if it will be good or not... He said "What if the game turns out good despite being short?" and I replied with my comment... If it's good and it's short some people will still think it's not worth $60 and that's the same if it was bad.

Loktai1430d ago

Hey I Had to constantly hear about Ryse being so great and its a 5 hour game, if its really so short Ill just wait for it to go on sale as Im sure alot of people will- it will move numbers over time if its the spectacle people make it out to be.

Volkama1430d ago

You must have had very selective hearing lol. Ryse got slammed with critisism.

Ryse also had an additional mode besides the campaign to try and add some value (though that whole mode was a festering pit of micro-transactions lockboxes, which is a bigger crime imo).

marlinfan101430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

You had to hear about how ryse was great? Hahaha this is the type of stuff that really shows makes me realize you guys are so disconnected with what goes on with xbox. No wonder most of you think only playstation games get hate, you've got no idea what even goes on with xbox games. Ryse got a crazy amount of hate. It got hated on for everything from qtes, to story length, to voice acting, and just about everything else in the game.

Loktai1429d ago

Sirs - I heard for months how RYSE Would be great then I Heard for months how it was amazing, just the other day I See articles talking about how great it looks and I Still see it brought up in arguments about the XBOX's superiority of exclusives.

All I said- for which I Was attacked here was I saw
plenty of people saying Ryse was a good game in spite
of its criticism about its length and quality-

And now when people defend The Order in spite of its
length they are pointing it out as if those who like
it are being unreasonable is all Im saying.

"You must have had very selective hearing lol." Did I Say "ALL I heard" ? DID I SAY THAT ONCE god you're the one who needs some reading comprehension practice. All you can do is try to pick up on something I said and twist it, what the hell are you even replying to my comment for, just desperate to attack someone?