Nintendo and the third party problem

A reader explores the historical reasons why Nintendo has such poor multiformat support, and why he’s glad it doesn’t matter as much as it should.

In my previous Reader Features I have not hidden behind the fact that I am a fan of Nintendo games and hardware. However, a lot of gamers, in the past, have complained that there is virtually no third party support for Nintendo’s Wii U and 3DS.

This stems from a problem that has existed since the SNES days. Firstly, Nintendo were at their most powerful during this time, with huge profits and success from the NES era – which had amazing third party support. They were in a position to call the shots; by the time the SNES came around third parties were told to pay extortionate fees for manufacturing cartridges, dev kits, and royalties for every game sold. Also, there was a rigorous quality assurance (QA) process that each third party had to go through.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1366d ago (Edited 1366d ago )

The historical reasons, valid as they are, are still just that; history.
Much of it has been solved, and now the only thing really holding back multiplats from selling to the Nintendo fanbase is the quality-on-delivery of said multiplats.
Fresh new content in older ports would also help shift units, especially if it's designed specifically to target the Nintendo audience, who haven't had a really great showing from third party multiplats for a long time, and would probably queue up en-mass for them with the right kind of bonus content being provided to stimulate interest.

When the multiplats show that they're worth getting a Wii U for, they'll be gotten there.
And since Nintendo's not the one who gets to control the content in multiplats, it's up to third parties to reach out and ask what Nintendo gamers want to see, if they're really serious about selling to the fanbase.

It honestly would not be as difficult as some people make it out to be, to get people to buy Multiplats on Wii U.
All it would take is the right content and the bravery to take the risk.
There's precedent for third party games selling well on it, after all.

But in all honesty, if Nintendo opened their bank and got more exclusives and collaborative titles to replace the multiplats they're missing out on due to power issues, then I think third parties could still make a killing on the Wii U with those alone.
Again, just need the right kinds of content.[IE: not kiddy crap like Ubisoft is trying to pull with that lame party game they've had completed forever for the system but held onto for whatever reason.]

roboshort1366d ago

"There hardware is a different gen than the other systems" <- You hear this a lot, but it is not really true. First, the Wii U has processing power that is in between that of the previous generation of Playstation and XBox. However, hardware does not solely consist of processing power. The controller is a part of the hardware, and Nintendo's controller offers a lot more than those of the other two systems. That is part of the problem, though. In order to get a multiplatform game to sell on the WiiU, it would be best to take advantage of the gamepad, since the processing power is not as great as those of the other consoles. But this, coupled with the facts that a quality port to the Wii U is made difficult by the different architecture and that many 3rd party games have not sold well, has made developers apprehensive about developing for the Wii U even though there is money to be made there. A lot of this is Nintendo's fault, and a lot is more the fault of 3rd party developers. But ultimately it's up to Nintendo to rectify the problem.

vengeance1366d ago

A little of topic maybe but the part about the QA got me thinking, I have always wondered why people are so willing to pay full price for unfinished games, doesn't mater which machine is running it, if a game needs a day one patch then it was released to early, this is the kinda of thing that happened back in the 80s before the whole industry crashed, not saying it's gonna crash again but history does have a habit of repeating itself.

Gemmol1366d ago

look at the top selling games on every playstation system and every xbox system......

first thing you notice the top 10 is filled with 3rd party games with 1 or 2 first party games

now look at all Nintendo systems and look at the top 10, you will see its full with Nintendo games

now what do you see......on xbox and playstation

3rd party games sell way better on playstation and xbox, they sell so good that the sony and xbox 1st party games cannot compete.........

now what do you see on Nintendo system.....

1st party takes over the top 10

so lets put our common sense together what does this information tell you........

On Nintendo systems, the 3rd party games struggle to sell as much as Nintendo games, so instead of competing with Nintendo, they make their games on Sony and Xbox, where they can also make more profit.