Short Pause Podcast #16: New 3DS Hands-On, Evolve DLC, The Order 1886's Length, & Fallout 4 At E3?

The Short Pause crew talks about the latest happenings within the video game industry, along with whatever else is on their minds.

Topics include:
- New Nintendo 3DS First Weekend Impressions
- Evolve DLC Controversy
- Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate & Zelda Majora's Mask
- Bethesda Announces A Pre-E3 Press Conference
- Kick & Fennick Review
- Evolve Early Impressions
- The Order 1886 Campaign Length Concerns
- Titanfall 2 Coming To PlayStation 4?

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TheDude791337d ago

The plus side of having a 3.5 hour podcast: Lots of good topics that promote good discussions!

The negative side of having a 3.5 hour podcast: The editing portion! Good lord!

I figured I'd add The Order 1886 in the title because what's one more article about The Order 1886 going to hurt? Seriously, there's been like 500 articles in the past week!