Wii U Software Sales Increase 200 Percent From Last Year, New 3DS XL and Amiibo Sales Exceptional

Nintendo's investor meeting revealed plenty of fascinating data concerning Wii U sales, New 3DS XL launch sales compared with the original XL's launch and how Amiibos are currently selling.

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DryBoneKoopa851365d ago

Nice job Nintendo! Keep it up! Can't wait to pick up Kirby and the Rainbow Curse this Friday along with the last of wave 3B of the Amiibo.

Metallox1365d ago

Impressive job in regards of software. I wish Nintendo coud get a last bunch of third party exclusives for Wii U, now that game sales are better.

wonderfulmonkeyman1365d ago

I get the feeling that Nintendo is going to invest in more indies than AAA multiplats, and that they'll continue to pull in small amounts of third party exclusives to help that out.
It probably isn't going to end with Devil's Third.
Nintendo's got tons of bank and a lot of space to fill, so I don't see why they'd stop now.XD

Tiqila1365d ago (Edited 1365d ago )

I bought a new 3ds last friday, wished I had bought the XL version though. It's still a great console, playing Majoras Mask in 3D was well worth the purchase.

higgins781365d ago

Even this news, sales up, New 3DS doing great, Amiibo causing amazing interest...hatters are going to hate. Its like a console (and games) aren't worth interest these days if its not no.1 in sales. I'm more than happy with my Wii U and PC set-up, oh, and I recently just bought and received a New 3DS...

ZeekQuattro1365d ago

No kidding. So many people out there are more concerned about sales than anything else and even if sales are great they are heavily scrutinized. What happened to just playing and enjoying games? I don't remember growing up wondering if Sega made more than Nintendo. I just played on both consoles. Not sure what happened to some gamers these days.

higgins781364d ago

Its true. My go-to example is always Okami. I never remember once playing it thinking, 'how can this game be so good if its not selling...mustn't be that good'. Its a masterpiece which never needed sales, propaganda or heavy advertising to convince me. The actually experience itself did all that. History is filled with these sort of games...Bayonetta 2 being the latest example, though PS and Xbox fanboys cant bitch, because if they had supported the original enough - it was based over 2 popular selling consoles, maybe they could be enjoying one of the best games of 2014 as it is.