Hey Poor Podcast Episode 28: The Walken Dead

Jay, Frank, Gary and Jack visit Bethesda’s E3 press conference, summon their personas and get ready to steal some stuff, think romantic thoughts about Project Ukulele, do awful impressions, and more.

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Bethesda Expected To Make Almost $1 Billion On Starfield

According to financial projections released as part of the Xbox data leaks, Bethesda expected to make almost $1 billion on Starfield.
That estimate comes over a four-year span. In year one, the company projected $600 Million followed by $215 Million in year two. Years three and four see the numbers fall a bit as the game’s lifecycle moves on with projections of $50 million and $35 million, respectively.

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MrDead6d ago

I don't think it's going to happen as only one platform is paying full price and that platform as of right now has double the amount of people currently playing Baldurs Gate 3 then Starfield also Starfield is currently fallen to a 75% rating on Steam.
I'm enjoying Starfield to a point, the problem is a vast universe of reused locations and no real exploration. There's one reused location that confused me for a while, the one where a sniper is on a roof of a science facility. The sniper sits next to a cool box thats surrounded by empty beer bottles and I always wondered how they would drink anything outside with zero air, then I landed on a planet with a breathable atmosphere and it all made sense. The reused locations are not atmosphere dependant, they just turn up on any planet with the same loot, the same enemies in the same location talking about the same thing. Very disappointing, I can't see me filling this with over 300+ mods and spending a years playing it like Fallout and Elder Scrolls

DeusFever5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Starfield is now enough of a curiosity that it can make up ground at discount prices. Some folks will want to see how bad it is. Black Friday isn’t that far away. And folks can always sign up for a month of Game Pass. This brings us to the real issue here. Microsoft really doesn’t care about one-time sales anymore. They would rather you subscribe.

S2Killinit4d ago

This is probably prior to MS taking the game off other platforms.

Jin_Sakai6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Developers only make a fraction of retail. The cost of development supposedly started at $200 million and ended up being $400 million with 500 developers. However I do see $1 billion being possible. Revenue vs. profit would be interesting.

ken28135d ago

Only way this happen if they Port the game on PS5. Gamepass not only would have to pay Bethesda but also all the other publishers on the monthly platform.

itsmebryan4d ago


The $1 billion estimate is without PS5. Over 2 million paying players in early access alone. It sold very well on steam. This was proof of concept that they don't need PS5 to be successful. Or are you going to say 2 million paying early access customers before launch is a flop?

peppeaccardo5d ago

500 developers to make this piece of TURD !? Just WOW ...

anast5d ago

Yes, it is that shocking.

purple1015d ago (Edited 5d ago )

1bn down, 6.5 to go.

BehindTheRows5d ago

We can tell who didn't read...

Anyway, that's a tall order. Perhaps the PC version will pull the bulk of the weight to reach this. Otherwise, I don't see it happening.

PunksOnN4G5d ago

thats 1BN in 4 years dumba$$ LOL
Sony mad that in what 3 days with Ragnarok made 800mil in 3days starfield wont hit 1b Profit for over 4 years HAHAHAH

Profchaos5d ago

I don't see it given the bulk of players will be subscriptions but there's probably some internal metric that translated gp plays to a $ value

The only way this game would be long term profitable is if it loses its exclusive status

Stanjara5d ago

Game exclusivity in this case benefited Starfield because it raged console players and fanboys.

Hagwards Legacy is another example.

ken28135d ago

We wouldn’t know if it benefited until the console sales numbers for September come out next month. How many people you think jumped shop for gamepass?

Cockney5d ago

The only way they make out that it made 1 bil is if they count engagement as a sale, 1 person on gamepass tries it = £70, its monopoly money yes but if you squint it seems real enough

1Victor5d ago

With the leader console it could easily be achieved but without it I got my doubts it’ll get close to it but only time will tell IF they do get their billion in for years.