The Hottest Tifa Lockhart Cosplays

NuzCo writes: "Tifa Lockhart of the Final Fantasy series is well loved within the video game community. Because of this many gamers decide to cosplay as her. We have composed a list of some of the most amazing ones we could find. Tifa is strong but she has a very feminine and vulnerable side to her as well which all of these lovely cosplayers have truly captured in there costumes and photos."

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TheSuperior 1344d ago

I think what makes Tifa so incredible is her sweet side. She is feminine which is really nice. Not that looking good while having that to-die-for personality doesn't help lol :)

no_more_heroes1344d ago

Ah. So I guess it doesn't have to do with her front cushions then? ;)

TheSuperior 1344d ago

Lol you know I'm the sensitive type of guy that looks to the inside first... (is it that obvious I'm lying?)

Hahaha but for real that 'front cushion' does grow my love for good ol' Tifa ;)

egidem1343d ago

'front cushions'...never heard of that one before! XD

Ripsta7th1344d ago

None come close, except for one
Boobs are too small!

tigertron1344d ago

Princessrin0a's is the best.

DragonKnight1344d ago

Really? How many times do we have to see the same stupid list articles? This will show up again in a few months, right after the next "Hottest Ivy Cosplays", "Hottest Lara Croft Cosplays part 2 (because there was a recent one)", and "Hottest Cosplayers of all time."

Why do you people approve these terrible lists?

Hoffmann1344d ago

As an approver I got around 20 private mails like "Hi, if u approve my articles I will approve yours"

Thats why people approve basically everything here sadly.

DragonKnight1344d ago

I've received many of those myself. People need to have standards. I personally don't care if one person won't approve what I submit unless I approve their submission too, there's always someone else who will come along and take their place.

JMyers1344d ago

The Sniper wolf one beats all of these... Also check out her MGS quiet cosplay.

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