Destiny Player Rides Sparrow all the way Through the Vault of Glass

Since its launch, not quite to Bungie’s design, Destiny has become a game where the players find their own ways to challenge themselves; such as the ever-popular Hellmouth jump, or the solo Raids. Now, it seems one group has gone a step further by having one member of their Raid team ride all the way through the Vault of Glass in a Sparrow.

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SavageKuma1392d ago

Badass to you dude. Nicely done.

aconnellan1392d ago

I'm still in awe that someone actually managed to do it, I would have thought it impossible, especially given that the team would have been one gun short and if he had've died at any point he loses it

paul-p19881392d ago

Patch to stop this kind of fun happening again in 3....2....1....

the_mack_attack31391d ago

Attach the video to the post dude, so we can all see it.